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In just a few years, Jainey Bennett has taken her Gem Auras homewares collection from a single fragranced candle to a vast and varied collection of beautiful items for the home. From room diffusers and incense burners to chakra sets and perfumes, and so many more, Jainey carefully crafts each item around gorgeous gemstones and fragrances with a heavy emphasis on the metaphysical aspect of nature’s treasures. As her range continues to grow in popularity and size, we’ve caught up with Jainey from her home in Australia and discussed how it all began, what’s next for Gem Auras, and why gemstone energy has become such a vital part of her life.

Gem Auras Homeware at Gemporia

Hi Jainey! How’s life in Australia, and how are your two boys doing?

Time has flown so quickly, I moved back to Australia in December 2017. Moving around the other side of the world is no easy feat with two boys that need to move from their friends and start all over again! I’m so proud of how they have taken this in their stride.

Gem Auras Homewares is over four years old now, which has gone by so quickly. When you launched that very first candle in December 2017, were you expecting your range to grow this fast?

Launching Gem Auras has been such an amazing journey. All the items are personal creations of things that I wanted to buy myself and desperately wanted. The auras of gemstones in my home! The number of people to understand and resonate with it so quickly has been humbling. I do feel that people are now looking for something more meaningful than just regular homewares that you can buy anywhere. Gem Auras offers not only beautiful products but something quite magical too.

Gem Auras by Jainey Bennett

There have already been hundreds of Gem Auras items so far with so many more to come. What are some of your personal favourites to have worked on over the last few years?

Yes, I have created hundreds of items now, with so many to come. I love all my creations, but my favourites are of course those that can change peoples lives and outlooks, such as the chakra, mindfulness and angel healing ranges. They all have that common theme of encouraging the recipient to open their hearts, minds and spirit to the divine, often with great results.

As well as your beautiful gemstone, fragrance and design choices, the Gem Auras range is built around the metaphysical side of gemstones. When did you first begin to learn about this aspect of gems, and what do you find most fascinating about it?

This started for me about 12 years ago. I bought a crystal healing book and was hooked immediately. I’d spend hours in crystals stores and quickly grew a vast collection. I would then bathe with them, and add them into my candles at home. I could feel the energy when I held them. I knew it was something special that I had to learn more about.

Has the metaphysical aspect of gemstones changed your life?

Yes, massively. I am quite open about my episodes of depression and anxiety, which I really feel have eased for me when using gemstones. I then looked into chakra healing, and this study assisted me personally even further. I had an accident back in 2016, and I was able to use gemstones to help me heal. I love all stones, but Moonstone is my favourite due to its undeniable energy of the moon.

Mindfulness, relaxing and wellbeing are an important part of modern life. Do you think about their importance while you are creating your homewares?

Yes, it’s quite funny because when I started at Gemporia, no one knew what I was talking about when I said ‘mindfulness’! Now, so many companies talk about it extensively, and it has become a way to ensure the holistic health of the employees. This is very much a factor when I create many of my designs.

Learning about an area this vast can often seem overwhelming. For anyone wanting to learn more about the chakras and the energies of gemstones, where would you recommend as a starting point?

There is so much information on the internet these days, and yes, it can be so overwhelming. I would say to start by choosing a source or two that you feel connected with and spend a little time watching their videos and reading their material.

Gem Auras by Jainey Bennett

How do you choose which gemstone you’ll put with each item?

The creations usually start with the final intention in mind, so as each gemstone has a different metaphysical property, I must choose the stone that will deliver the desired result. For example, when working with space clearing, I’d use Black Tourmaline to release negative energies from our homes.

How do you find inspiration for new items to add to the range, and where do you start when creating something new?

Most times, I sit and ask for assistance from my spirit guides and am inspired through my dreams, or as I’m going through my day, a flash of an idea will come. With some collections, I work on what I believe will be trending the next season or year. Then I work out unique and exciting ways to present them! There are usually so many elements to each design, and I have to ensure that at least an hour a day is spent energetically charging the gemstones that I use so that my customers feel the auras when they open the products.

Your home must smell amazing! Do you have a favourite fragrance or do you prefer to keep changing them and discovering new scents?

My home is full of candles! There are about 20 burning at any one time and, of course, I have a reed diffuser in every room. They change depending on the season, and I usually pick from the items I have recently created. I do love any scent profile, but I can’t seem to move away from lavender in the bedroom, sage in the living room and fruit in the kitchen. They work perfectly for me in those locations.

Do you get a lot of requests to repeat items once something has sold out?

Yes, I have so many requests to repeat items because my designs are so limited in quantity. But I rarely repeat anything; there are just the odd few exceptions. Even those that you do see repeated will have slight changes to the design, or gemstones or scent profile. Usually, this is down to the sourcing availability at the time they are created.

Finally, how do we keep in touch with you on social media?

You can connect with me on Facebook and Instagram - just search for Gem Auras.

Thank you for speaking with us Jainey, we look forward to seeing your Gem Auras range continue to grow in the coming months and years.


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