Gemporia Lifestyle First Birthday: What's On and When

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Doesn't time fly? One moment we find ourselves launching a brand new channel, and the next, we're celebrating our first birthday! Gemporia Lifestyle went live on 8th July 2020, and we'll be celebrating hitting this milestone for a whole week between the 5th and the 11th July 2021.

We've got some great shows planned, loads of amazing new items to share with you, and all your favourite faces from our first 365 days on-air. Here are just some of the highlights you can look forward to during the event, and there's a full rundown of shows for the whole birthday week at the bottom of the page too.

Personalised Gifts with Stuart Maclaren

Stuart Maclaren will be in the Lifestyle studio on Sunday 11th July with a wonderful range of personalisable gifts that you can add your creative flair and personal touches to. With cushions, deckchairs, dog leads and towels, we have the perfect presents for your nearest and dearest, and Stuart will be on hand with Milly Griffiths to explain the simple process of adding your photos and text to these great items. Don’t miss the three-hour extravaganza on Sunday 11th July, from 12pm ET onwards.

Primal Living with Steve Bennett

Primal Living with Steve Bennett

We are delighted to welcome our founder Steve Bennett to the channel. Steve will be joining us to showcase the incredible Primal Living range, an exciting brand that has been developed by a small team headed by Steve himself to encourage a happy and healthier lifestyle. Be sure to tune in to discover more about the extensive collection, including natural shampoos and conditioners, oximeters, vitamins and more! Plus, be sure to tune in for the all-new Primal Living Tablet Cutter launch on Wednesday 7th July during the Gemporia Lifestyle birthday event.

Destello Birthday Special with Hattie Greenwood

Destello Birthday Special with Hattie Greenwood

Hattie created her Destello range as a way to help every woman feel confident and unique, drawing inspiration from some of the most fashionable women of recent times, including Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Lorna Luxe. The phrase' fashion is a way to introduce yourself without having to say a word' is often repeated around the Destello office, so it's no surprise that Hattie's collection centers on the belief that every woman should feel special in themselves. Tune in for a selection of exclusive launches and brand-new additions designed by Hattie for Gemporia Lifestyle viewers, just in time for our birthday celebrations!

Visage with Kati Elliott

Visage with Kati Elliott

Kati Elliott will be in the Lifestyle studio to showcase her sumptuous collection of Visage and VisageSkin items, her luxurious skincare and makeup line designed to accentuate your natural beauty and promote confidence and comfort in yourself. Watch live as Kati discusses this incredible collection in detail.

AAA Tanzanite with Toby Cavill

AAA Tanzanite with Toby Cavill

Tanzanite is a family favourite at the Gemporia Partnership for its majestic blue hue that dances through light. We are elated to have the opportunity to source such a premium selection of these exquisite Tanzanian stones, framed into the finest of 18-karat gold settings. Join Toby as he explores this rich collection, discussing the mine that produced these rare jewels, as well as the properties within its deep blueberry hue.

Instepp with Julie Ford

Instepp with Julie Ford

We can't wait to welcome brand-new guest Julie Ford to Gemporia Lifestyle! Julie has had an extensive career teaching physical education to school children and being a personal trainer to clients from the ages of 18 to 80 years old. After years of experience trying to find the most effective ways for people to stay fit and healthy, she discovered that two of the best exercises were walking and resistance training. From this, Instepp was born. Watch live as Julie explains more about this innovative brand while demonstrating how to use resistance bands and discussing the long-term benefits.

Gemstone Water Bottles with Michelle Gregory

Gemstone Water Bottles with Michelle Gregory

Join Gemporia buyer Michelle Gregory as she showcases these elegant new gemstone water bottles, featuring a genuine Rainbow Fluorite or Rose Quartz and available with either silver or rose gold colored accents.

Full Birthday Event Highlights

Monday 5th July

  • 12pm ET - Primal Living with Steve Bennett
  • 1pm ET - Gem Auras Special
  • 2pm ET - Angel Homewares
  • 4pm ET - Refurbished Showcase

Tuesday 6th July

  • 12pm ET - Primal Living with Poppy Hadkinson
  • 2pm ET - Destello with Hattie Greenwood
  • 4pm ET - Csarite® Exclusive with Toby Cavill

Wednesday 7th July

  • 12pm ET - Primal Living with Nick Davies
  • 1pm ET - Primal Living Tablet Cutters
  • 2pm ET - Visage with Kati Elliott

Thursday 8th July

  • 12pm ET - Primal Living with Nick Davies
  • 2pm ET - Aromatherapy Wax Melt Lamps
  • 3pm ET - The Showstopper
  • 4pm ET - Zambian Emerald with Toby Cavill

Friday 9th July

  • 12pm ET - Primal Living with Poppy Hadkinson
  • 2pm ET - Instepp with Julie Ford
  • 4pm ET - AAA Tanzanite with Toby Cavill

Saturday 10th July - 1pm ET - Let There Be Light! Colourful Lighting - 2pm ET - Gemstone Water Bottles with Michelle Gregory - 4pm ET - Rose Danburite Special

Sunday 11th July

  • 12pm ET - Personalized Gifts with Stuart Maclaren
  • 3pm ET - Deal of the Week
  • 4pm ET - Loriques of the Week

We hope you can join us for our huge first birthday celebration, and we're looking forward to welcoming you to the show. You can watch Gemporia Lifestyle from anywhere in the world on - just click the button below to start viewing.


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