Lynn Jinks' Top 5 Gemporia Pieces

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Gemporia presenter Lynn Jinks has popped over to the blog to share her favourite five gemstones and designs with us. Here are her top picks.

Anthill Garnet & White Zircon Sterling Silver Apple Pendant

Anthill Garnet & White Zircon Sterling Silver Apple Pendant

I adore this enchanted, Disney-esque red apple pendant. A fabulous design concept that makes this a must for the fashionistas among us. Fascinatingly, this gemstone is brought to the surface by ants! What a unique talking point when you tell your friends and family about how your gemstones were sourced!


Aquaprase™, Champagne & White Diamond 9K Gold Ring

Aquaprase, Champagne & White Diamond 9K Gold Ring

I adore the fusion of colours and patterns that Aquaprase™ holds, and I think this piece is simply mesmerising. It is a true collector’s gem and is for those of us who want to stand out with individuality, confidence and style. Combining this high-end luxury with jeans and a top makes it an edgy statement look.


Cuprian Sunstone Sterling Silver Ring

Cuprian Sunstone Sterling Silver Ring

The internal fire within this ring is captivating; watch it sparkle when you wear this in the sunshine. It is a classic simple design with breathtaking shimmers that glint from within. I adore the beauty and rarity of this stone. It’s a perfect, everyday go-to piece. Stunning.


Diamond 18K Gold Ring

Diamond 18K Gold Ring

Don’t you think Diamonds have something special? Almost a sprinkle of magic, some would say, and I know they make me feel wonderful. This striking Diamond ring combines high-end luxury fashion with affordability, and I hope you love it as much as I do.


Paua Sterling Silver Pendant

Paua Sterling Silver Pendant

Paua is my new go-to gemstone as it goes with everything. This design exhibits unique patterns across the shell's iridescence, which range from vibrant purples to electric blues with golden and pink undertones thrown in for good measure. Paua appears to change colour every time it is viewed in different light sources, which is undoubtedly part of its charm. Just perfect!


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