Introducing Our Online Exclusive Molte Collection

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Introducing Molte by Gemporia, a versatile collection of polished metal earrings, paired with exquisite gemstone charms. Molte means to have many, and our new collection of web exclusive classically styled earrings lives up to its name by being almost endlessly customisable.

Our mission with Molte is to bring you a stylish and elegant look for every occasion and every outfit without breaking the bank. The earring hoops, letter charms and gemstone charms that we have created are all easily swappable, allowing you to pick the perfect combination of hoop, initial and jewel for your favourite looks.

Molte by Gemporia

The Molte Collection is divided into earring hoops and charms. Our hoops are all available in both Midas gold and sterling silver and come in six classic shapes; hexagon, horseshoe, rounded rectangle, large hoop, small hoop, and rounded square.

Molte Letter Charms

The exquisite jewels we have placed into the charms include Rose Quartz, Bahia Amethyst, Black Onyx, Labradorite and Russian Amazonite, with a choice of shape too. All the charms will fit onto all the hoops, so you can mix your metals, hoops, gemstones and even use more then one charm per ear, should you wish. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Molte On The Ear

The earrings couldn’t be simpler to use and wear. Each earring has an easy to open clasp at the top, which doubles as the earring’s post. All you have to do is open your earring, pop the post through your pierced ear and close the clasp to secure your earring in place.

Molte Letter Charms

Our selection of beautiful dainty charms will quickly hook onto each of the earring styles available in the collection. Just take the charm and hook it onto the hoop before placing the post through your ear. The joy of Molte is mixing and matching which hoops and charms you wish to wear every day for different outfits, moods, and seasons.

Molte Around The Neck

We sell the charms individually rather than in pairs, giving you full control over the looks you create. Want different jewels on each ear? No problem. You can even wear your charms on thin chains to create a pendant or collection of pendants to match your earrings or wear it as a stand-alone piece. Click play on the below video and Gemporia’s Amelia Grant will present to you a guided tour of the collection.

Ready to create your perfect combination? Hit the button below to start building your Molte collection.


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