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Gemporia's Birthday Schedule - Part 1

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We have the most incredible birthday celebration planned for 2020 - bigger and better than any previous year. The party is so large we’ve had to split our schedule over two separate pages!

The celebration is taking place every hour of every day, with beautiful jewels and unmissable deals round the clock. But here are some highlights for each day in the first half of the event, from Thursday 8th October to Sunday 18th October. This is a ‘living’ schedule too, so keep checking back to this page and part two of this schedule (which you can access below) as we add more and more shows and deals in the coming days.

Thur 8 Oct

  • 9am Tanzanite Showcase
  • 12pm Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with Toby Cavill
  • 4pm Grandidierite with David Troth
  • 8pm Ethiopian Sapphire with Jake Thompson


Fri 9 Oct

  • 12am Lehrer Flame Cut with Glenn Lehrer
  • 9am Imperial Garnet Showcase
  • 12pm Colombian Emerald with Toby Cavill
  • 4pm Man in the Moon with Glenn Lehrer
  • 8pm Baltic Amber with Mariusz Gielo

Baltic Amber

Sat 10 Oct

  • 12am Lehrer Infinity with Glenn Lehrer
  • 9am Nilamani with David Troth
  • 12pm Essencia with Claire Stibbon
  • 4pm Baltic Amber with Maruisz Gielo
  • 8pm Matrix Cut with Glenn Lehrer
  • 10pm Platinum Diamonds with Matt Bennett


Sun 11 Oct

  • 12am Ethiopian Blue Sapphire Showcase
  • 9am London Blue Topaz Showcase
  • 12pm Nilamani with David Troth
  • 4pm Ethiopian Emerald with Jake Thompson
  • 8pm Star Ruby with David Troth

Ethiopian Blue Sapphire

Mon 12 Oct

  • 12am Colombian Emerald Showcase
  • 9am Moldavite Showcase
  • 12pm Blue Prong Pink Spinel with Jake Thompson
  • 4pm Visage Brow Palette Launch with Kati Elliott
  • 8pm The Best of Glenn Lehrer

The Best of Glenn Lehrer

Tue 13 Oct

  • 12am Cochise Turquoise with Russell Twiford
  • 12pm Visage Highlighter Launch with Kati Elliot
  • 4pm Fifty Ring Jewellery Box Launch
  • 5pm Chrome Diopside with Steve Bennett
  • 7pm Destello with Hattie Greenwood
  • 8pm Destello with Hattie Greenwood
  • 11pm The Sleep Show with Poppy Hadkinson

Star Ruby

Wed 14 Oct

  • 12pm Connoisseurs Jewellery Care with Gavin Merrison
  • 4pm Mystic Blue Topaz with John Rylander
  • 8pm Wobito Snowflake with Rudi Wobito

Wobito Snowflake

Thur 15 Oct

  • 9am Moroccan Amethyst with Steve Bennett
  • 12pm Kelayi Opal with David Troth
  • 4pm AAA Tanzanite Showcase
  • 7pm The Big Asscher Cut Tanzanite Auction with Jake Thompson

Kelayi Opal

Fri 16 Oct

  • 12am Cruzeiro Topaz with Ken Gurny
  • 10am Gem Auras Hidden Gem Bath Fizz with Jainey Bennett
  • 12pm Destello with Hattie Greenwood
  • 1pm Destello with Hattie Greenwood
  • 4pm Effervesce by Gemporia with Dave Troth
  • 8pm Matrix Cut with Glenn Lehrer

Lehrer Matrix Cut

Sat 17 Oct

  • 12am Galileia Topaz with John Rylander
  • 9am Santorinite with Yianni Melas
  • 12pm Collagen Supershow with Poppy Hadkinson
  • 4pm Aquiba Beryl with Yianni Melas
  • 8pm Aquaprase with Yianni Melas
  • 9pm Aquaprase with Yianni Melas


Sun 18 Oct

  • 12am Oyster Turquoise
  • 9am Gem Jelly Aquaprase with Yianni Melas
  • 12pm Natural Yellow Diamonds with Toby Cavill
  • 4pm Aquaprase with Yianni Melas
  • 5pm Aquaprase with Yianni Melas
  • 7pm Destello with Hattie Greenwood
  • 8pm Destello with Hattie Greenwood
  • 9pm Platinum Bands Launch

Oyster Turquoise

To watch the live show or find out more about this biggest of Gemporia birthday bashes, head to the pages below.

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