Spring 2020 Gemology Magazine Out Now

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The spring 2020 edition of our Gemology magazine is now shipping with orders. You'll receive your free copy with the first order you place between February 1st 2020 and April 30th 2020, while stocks last. We've crammed this issue with lots of interesting features on jewellery, fashion, beauty, travel and science. This issue even has two front covers to celebrate the launch of our new fashion and beauty ranges. But whichever one you receive, the inside of the magazine is identical in both. Here's just some of what's in the latest edition.

Topaz: The Contemporary Classic

Topaz History

Topaz is a beautiful gemstone that can be considered both an all-time classic and also a contemporary must-own stone. The timeless, natural colours of Topaz have adorned humankind for thousands of years, while more recent gem treatments have bought a whole new palette of hues to the stone. We explore the story of the stone in this issue.

Samuel Behnam: A Bali State of Mind

Samuel Behnam

Samuel Behnam's life changed forever after he visited the Indonesian island of Bali. The former gemstone dealer turned jewellery designer fell immediately in love with the traditional jewellery crafting methods and designs of this magical place. Here, we tell his fascinating story, and how the culture of the island of Bali is imbued in every piece of his collection.

FAB: Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty

Our fantastic new fashion and beauty ranges are finally here! We've spoken to our head of beauty, Kati Elliott, and our head of fashion, Hattie Greenwood, about their exciting new collections, where they got their inspiration from and what to expect from them next.

Hue, Tone & Saturation: Defining Colour in a Gemstone

Hue, Tone and Saturation

We often use the word 'colour' to describe what we see when we look at gemstones. But there's a lot more to it than that - the colour of a gemstone is made up of its hue, tone and saturation. This issue, we're diving into what these words mean and how the three terms work to create the vast range of colours we see in nature's gems.

Tara Coomber: Lapidarist & Jewellery Designer

Tara Coomber

Due to a particularly fortuitous bit of serendipity, we met our newest guest designer at a children's party! This issue, we introduce Tara Coomber and her Eden cut, and she invites us into her self-built lapidary studio that is located less than a mile away from Gemporia's headquarters! If you've ever wanted to know more about gemstone cutting, you'll love reading about Tara.

Style Guide: Colour Theory

Spring Style Guide

Our style guide this issue focuses on the colour wheel, and how you can use complementary and contrasting hues to build striking looks that work well with your wardrobe. We've raided our jewellery vault to bring you striking images of stones that work well together.

Jewels of East Africa

East Africa

Some of the world's most adored gemstones have been unearthed across the East African nations, and we wanted to take a virtual tour of the region and explore just how many all-time classics have been discovered here.

You'll receive a free copy of the magazine with the first order you place this quarter (February, March and April 2020), but if you'd like additional copies of this issue, just click the button below to order more. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading our latest edition - the next issue will be along at the start of May.


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