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Everybody wants to hold onto fond memories, special days and milestones, and with a piece of personalised jewellery, you can turn those memories into something that will be treasured for a lifetime. Engraving a piece of jewellery adds a personal touch, and as well as being a great gift, it can also be a treat to buy for yourself. The great thing about personalising a piece of jewellery is that you can imprint a small message that is special to you or someone you are thinking of gifting too.

Here we'll show you some engraved message ideas, the best occasions to celebrate with a personalised piece of jewellery and some of the very best pieces from our Personalised Jewellery selection.

Jewellery Engraving Ideas

  • Dates- Great for birthdays, anniversaries or any other significant dates.
  • Name or Initials - It doesn't just have to be your name, it could be the name of someone that means a lot to you.
  • Locations - Country and city names can mean a lot to people who like to travel or miss home.
  • Meaningful Words - Words of wisdom and sentiment, that are heartfelt to you or someone special.
  • Meaningful Number - This could be the number of your first house, a year or even an age that is considered a milestone.


Anniversaries are an extraordinary event to celebrate. If you and your partner have been together for ten or maybe fifty years, or perhaps you're just about to mark your very first wedding anniversary, then why not consider a pair of personalised cufflinks for him or an engraved necklace for her?


Struggling to find a gift for a friend or family member who is turning a super special age? Think about getting them something that will be a memorable keepsake and could be passed down in years to come. Personalised bracelets and bangles are incredibly stylish, and with an engraved message will make it a cherished gift.


Have you left your heart in another country or city? Travelling can be an essential part of life whether by choice or for work. Sometimes being reminded of a memorable place you've been or even the place you call home can bring wonderful memories flooding back. An engravable piece of jewellery with the name of a country or city lets you carry that place wherever you go. It would also make a wonderful gift for any travel fans you know.

You've looked through our guide on what messages you can have engraved and some of the ideal occasions that people love to remember. All you need now is a piece of jewellery!

We've listed some of our absolute favourites from our all-new Imprint Collection, all available to buy at Gemporia.

1. Personalised Rose Gold Cufflinks

A pair of rose gold plated, sterling silver cufflinks available for engraving.

Made with sterling silver and plated in rose gold, these cufflinks exude class with their simple yet sophisticated design.

Shop Personalised Rose Gold Cufflinks

2. Gemstone Bead Bracelet

Pick between three stunning gemstone bead bracelets with a personalised message engraved, available in Black Agate, White Howlite and Blue Howlite.

Choose from three gemstone bead bracelets in three different colours available in Black Agate, White Howlite and Blue Howlite. Each of these easy-to-wear bracelets come with a detachable disc that can be personalised.

Black Agate Bracelet White Howlite Bracelet Blue Howlite Bracelet

3. Heart Pendant Necklace

A pendant necklace with an engravable heart disc, featuring Aqua Chalcedony and Optic Quartz.

You can decide between a beautiful sterling silver necklace or a stunning gold plated necklace. Both include an engravable heart pendant and feature two unique gemstones.

Shop Engravable Heart Pendant Necklace

So, there you have it! If you've been looking for ideas on engraving and personalised jewellery, we have it all right here. What's more, we offer complimentary engraving when you buy from our Imprint Collection, so what are you waiting for? Get engraving and create that unique gift of a lifetime!


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