Mahenge Blue Spinel

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Spinel is one of the most overlooked gemstones you’re ever likely to encounter. Very few people are familiar with this beautiful gem. This is mostly because it took a very long time to prove that this gemstone was a distinct species in its own right. Up until the late 19th century, Spinel was often confused with Ruby, giving it the moniker ‘the master of disguise’, however Spinel is actually rarer than the more famous Ruby. Usually, Spinel is found in rich Ruby reds, occasionally in a range of pastel colors of purples and pinks, but incredibly small amounts have even been found in electrifying blue shades.

Mahenge Blue Spinel is such a rare shade of Spinel that it shocked the gemstone world at its unveiling at the 2008 Brazil Gem Show. Named after the mine location in Mahenge, Tanzania, this unique gem is brought to us by the mine owner, Mark Saul. With impeccable gemology credentials, Mark Saul is the son of John Saul, the first geologist on the scene at the nearby discovery of Tanzanite in 1967.

Mining Mahenge Spinel poses its own challenges. Crystallizing in marble, Spinel is extremely difficult to extract from the host rock, making it one of the most difficult gemstones to bring you.

Our Mahenge Blue Spinel has a mesmerizing, rich, deep blue color, but best of all, this color is natural.

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