Gemporia’s 15th Birthday Event - Our Guests

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Gemporia - the world's longest running jewellery channel - has been bringing the world's finest gemstones to your TV screens for 15 whole years, and we're in the mood for a celebration! We'll be welcoming our treasured guests on-air throughout the event, where they'll be only too happy to regale you with their fascinating stories from across the globe, from entire lives spent in the jewellery industry. Learn a little more about each of our guests here...

Jonathan Whitney

Jonathan Whitney from the mining company Rio Tinto will be back in the studio with a fine selection of Diamonds from two world renowned mines - Diavik in Canada and Argyle in Australia. Look out for a world class selection of stunning white Diamonds and natural brown Diamonds.

Glenn Lehrer

The inimitable Mr Lehrer will be showcasing incredible designs from a lifetime of gemstone master cutting, including his Infinity, Bahia, Flame and Cosmic Obelisk collections. Tune in to hear Glenn's amazing stories from his travels and how he taught himself to create such works of art.

Yianni Melas

Legendary gem hunter Yianni Melas will be taking a break from his relentless world travels to bring his incomparable stories and stones to the Gemporia birthday event. Look out for shows featuring Nigerian Morganite, incredible Dinosaur Bone and of course peerless Aquaprase™.

John Rylander

John Rylander will be here with some of the most beautifully coloured Topaz ever seen. Tune in for special shows featuring Cruzeiro Topaz, Versailles Topaz, Hope Legacy Topaz, Santa Maria Topaz and Mystic Blue Topaz among others. John will be here with Ken Gurny to share their Topaz tales.

Ken Gurny

Ken will also be joining us for the Topaz shows mentioned above with John, and you can also look forward to a special show featuring Ken and John that will be introducing a brand new cut to their special collections.

Rudi Wobito

Rudi Wobito and his brother Ralph are responsible for some of the most incredible gemstone cuts ever created, and Rudi will be appearing on-air to showcase their Wobito Snowflake Cut, Wobito Shield Cut and the first ever show of the Wobito Swirl Cut too.

Charlie Barron

Charlie's legendary travels sourcing Pearls will be told in full when he drops by for our spectacular birthday event. The finest Pearls will be showcased in stunning, timeless designs. Look out for shows featuring South Sea Pearls and Tahitian Pearls.

David Troth

Our very own David Troth will also be on-air throughout the event bringing our most exciting recent finds to your screens and recounting the stories behind each and every one. Look out for a whole rainbow of colourful gemstones throughout our two week showcase.

And that's not all! We'll also be joined by John Reed with a brand new collection of incredible Ammolite pieces. Mariusz Gielo will be in the studio with a peerless array of brand new Baltic Amber designs. Jake Thompson will be on hand to update us on the latest gemstone finds and bring a selection of new collections to your screens. Plus we will of course be joined by our founder Steve Bennett, who at the time of writing is trying very hard to secure a brand new gemstone parcel in Nepal to bring to your screens in time for the birthday. Look out for him in week 2 of the event to see if the operation we've code-named PROJECT X has been successful!

Our 15th birthday event is our biggest ever celebration of all things jewellery, gemstones and collecting. All this is only possible because of you, so we hope you can join us for our big party. Tune in from September 30th for two whole weeks of fascinating, fun festivities packed full of amazing discoveries and more than a few surprises. To find out more, just click the button below to go to our main 15th birthday page. As the event draws nearer, we'll be publishing full date and time schedules for all the incredible shows to the below page, so don't forget to bookmark it and keep checking back. See you there!

15th Birthday Extravaganza

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