Gemporia’s 15th Birthday Event - Week 2 Schedule

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Our 15th Birthday Extravaganza is in full swing and we hope you've enjoyed the party so far! It's far from over, and below you'll find all the incredible shows we have lined up for the second week of our huge 15-day event. As well as our valued guests, there will be many surprises and showcases along the way - switch on at anytime to get involved in the festivities. As always with our celebration events, there's plenty more to come, so keep checking back to this page for more additions and show confirmations.

Monday 7th October

7am/6c - The Best of Yianni with Yianni Melas

Gem hunter Yianni joins us for his very special final show of this year's birthday event. Featuring all of Yianni's favourite discoveries, he'll be sharing fascinating stories from his adventures. These remarkable tales need to be heard from the man himself so don't miss this show.

11am/10c - Galileia Topaz with Ken Gurny and John Rylander

We welcome Ken and John back to the Gemporia studio for their first show of this year's event. Ken and John are Topaz specialists and have created an incredible range of hues to enjoy this gemstone in. Their first showcase is all about the soft, graceful, dusty pinks of Galileia Topaz.

3pm/2c - Versailles Topaz with Ken Gurny and John Rylander

Ken and John return to the studio for a showcase featuring the mysterious, ethereal blues of beautiful Versailles Topaz.

Tuesday 8th October

4am/3c - Santa Maria Topaz with Ken Gurny and John Rylander

Beautiful bright, deep blue Topaz kicks off our actual birthday day itself, and Ken and John are on hand to chat about their incredible creation.

7am/6c - Founder's Favourites with Steve Bennett

Our founder Steve is in the studio for an hour with a very special mystery jewelry showcase. Don't miss out on hearing Steve's tales.

11am/10c - The Big Birthday Auction with Steve Bennett

At the exact time we went on-air 15 years ago, we invite you all to join us for the big moment itself and a very special auction, with our founder Steve.

3pm/2c - Cruzeiro Topaz with Ken Gurny and John Rylander

This incredible color of Topaz is based on the unmistakable hues of Cruzeiro Rubellite. Ken and John are with us to tell us how it was created.

6pm/5c - Founder's Favourites with Steve Bennett

Steve is in the studio to round off our very special birthday day itself with some of his favourite gemstones from the last 15 years.

Wednesday 9th October

4am/3c - Lotus Cut with Manuj Goyal (live call from India)

This beautiful gemstone cut will be showcased in all its glory with Manuj Goyal live on the line from India to explain how it was created.

6am/5c - Carnaiba Emerald with Matt Bennett

Join our gemologist Matt for an hour filled with the unmistakable green glory of Carnaiba Emerald from Brazil.

8am/7c - Hope Legacy Collection with Ken Gurny and John Rylander

Join Ken and John for another rare chance to own a stunning jewelry piece from our very special Hope Legacy Collection.

12pm/11c - The Scintallion Collection with Ken Gurny

Ken rejoins us with a remarkable new gemstone cut - join us to find out what this exciting creation is all about.

3pm/2c - Coober Pedy Opal and Australian Argyle Diamond with David Troth

Our gemstone expert David Troth joins us for two stunning gemstones from the remarkable lands of Australia. Tune in to hear first-hand stories from David from his time spent in the country.

6pm/5c - Morafeno Sphene with Toby Cavill

Gem expert Toby Cavill joins us for a fascinating insight into the fiery Madagascan wonder known as Morafeno Sphene.

Thursday 10th October

5am/4c - Founder's Favourites with Steve Bennett

A chance to watch our founder Steve bring you a selection of his favourite stones, and the stories of how we sourced them.

7am/6c - Burmese Spinel with David Troth

Gem expert David is back in the studio fresh from a trip to Burma (Myanmar) to talk to us about one of the finest gemstones ever mined in this incredible country.

11am/10c - Bahia and Cosmic Obelisk with Glenn Lehrer

World-renowned gemstone artist Glenn Lehrer is back in the Gemporia studio for his first showcase of our 15th birthday event. Make sure you tune in for the stunnig Cosmic Obelisk collection, and his extraordinary Bahia Optic collection too, which is reminiscent of his 426lb carved Rutilated Quartz masterpiece.

3pm/2c - Luxury Pearls with Charlie Barron

Sixth generation Pearl dealer Charlie is back with us for some very special shows during our 15th birthday - tune in for this first chance to own world-class Pearls from the southern seas.

6pm/5c - Mahenge Purple Spinel with Toby Cavill

Toby Cavill rejoins us with his remarkable gem knowledge for an hour of outstanding Spinel gemstones from the Mahenge region of Tanzania.

Friday 11th October

4am/3c - Moscow Eggs with David Troth

Join David for the very special and unmissable launch of our Moscow Eggs Collection.

8am/7c - Canadian Diamonds with Jonathan Whitney

We welcome Jonathan back to Gemporia with his fine selection of delicious Diamonds from two of the most phenomenal Diamond mines on the planet - the Argyle Mine in Australia and the Diavik Mine in Canada. This first show concentrates on the latter Canadian source of luscious stones.

11am/10c - Luxury Pearls with Charlie Barron

Charlie is back in the studio to regale us with tales from a life spent in the Pearl trade, with some of our latest elegant designs.

2pm/1c & 3pm/2c - Australian Argyle Diamonds with Jonathan Whitney

A two-hour Australian Diamond spectacular sprinkled with Jonathan's fascinating first hand tales from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia.

4pm/3c, 5pm/4c and 6pm/5c - Infinity Cut with Glenn Lehrer

Join Glenn for a three-hour masterclass in how he creates his wonderful Infinity Cut gemstones. This trillion cut gemstone creation reflects as much light as it absorbs, and takes you on a journey at light-speed.

Saturday 12th October

4am/3c - Canadian Diamonds with Jonathan Whitney

Another chance to add fine quality Diavik Diamonds from Canada to your collection.

8am/7c - Australian Diamonds with Jonathan Whitney

More fascinating tales and sumptuous designs from the Australia's Argyle Diamond Mine with Jonathan Whitney from Rio Tinto.

10am/9c & 11am/10c - Flame Cut with Glenn Lehrer

The gem cutting talents of Glenn Lehrer are on full display in our studio for this two-hour special. Another one Glenn's fantastic range of cuts, this cut is inspired by the flame that symbolises knowledge and intelligence.

12pm/11c & 1pm/12c - Baltic Amber with Mariusz Gielo

We're delighted to welcome Mariusz Gielo back to Gemporia with his latest Baltic Amber jewelry pieces, and his fascinating stories about this ancient treasure.

2pm/1c & 3pm/2c - Luxury Pearls with Charlie Barron

Charlie rejoins us for a two-hour special dedicated to the most remarkable Pearls from the south seas.

4pm/3c & 5pm/4c - Baltic Amber with Mariusz Gielo

A second chance today to get hold of the golden tones of Baltic Amber, presided over by the man who made it all possible.

Sunday 13th October

4am/3c - Luxury Pearls with Charlie Barron

Charlie joins us for his final show this event as we bring you another fine selection of Pearl designs.

8am/7c - Bahia and Cosmic Obelisk with Glenn Lehrer

Tune in to hear Glenn talk about his life as a master cutter and gem art creator, with chances to own one of Glenn's creations for yourself. Glenn will be showcasing his Cosmic Obelisk designs, long six-sided Quartz crystals that glow with the light from the colored gemstone set on the top. Plus, limited chances to own a Lehrer Bahia replica cut.

11am/10c - Australian Diamonds with Jonathan Whitney

The first of two shows today focussing on the incredible Diamonds of the soon-to-close Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia.

3pm/2c - Australian Champagne Diamonds with Jonathan Whitney

Jonathan joins us for his last day in the studio during this year's birthday celebrations with some incredibily limited chances to take ownership of Australian Champagne Diamonds from the Argyle Mine in Australia.

6pm/5c - Alto Ligonha Morganite with Toby Cavill

More fascinating insight and education with gem expert Toby Cavill, this time with the gorgeous soft pinks of Alto Ligonha Morganite.

Monday 14th October

7am/c - Shattuckite with David Troth

Join our gem expert David Troth for this very rare opportunity to see the gemstone Shattuckite up close, and maybe even add a piece to your jewellery collection.

11am/10c - Diamond Spectacular with Matt Bennett

Our gemologist Matt Bennett joins s on-air for a very special Diamond show on the very last day of our birthday event for 2019.

3pm/2c - The Best of Glenn Lehrer

The final showcase of our 15 day, 15th birthday celebration is with the inimitable Glenn Lehrer and his stunning selection of gemstone cuts. Don't miss out, because we'll be bringing all of Glenn incredible designs available for you to own.


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