Gemporia’s 15th Birthday Event - Week 1 Schedule

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Our biggest ever birthday is here! Fifteen year ago, Gems TV first burst onto the airwaves with an exciting mix of rarely seen gems, extraordinary stories from the mining locations and, of course, remarkably low prices for quality jewellery. A decade and a half later, we still believe resolutely in our founding principles, and to mark the anniversary and kick things off for the next 15 years, we're bringing you our biggest birthday event ever. It all kicks off on Monday 30th September and runs though until Monday 14th October - days of deals for 15 years on-air. Below you'll find all the amazing events we have lined up for the first week of this mammoth two-week showcase, featuring some of our most beloved guests and their incredible collections. Click the button at the bottom of the page to see the line-up for week two. As well as our valued guests, there will be many surprises and showcases along the way - switch on at anytime to get involved in the festivities. As always with our birthday extravaganzas, there's plenty more to come, so keep checking back to this page for more additions and show confirmations.

Monday 30th September

4pm - Malagasy Ruby with Toby Cavill

Join us for an hour of remarkable quality Ruby from Malagasy in Madagascar - Toby Cavill will be on-hand to enlighten us with his knowledge of this incredible stone.

8pm - Ammolite with John Reed

We haven't seen a new collection of Ammolite for quite some time here at Gemporia, so we're delighted to welcome back John Reed with this stunning, colourful rarity.

Tuesday 1st October

1pm - Alexandrite with Toby Cavill

Join Toby for a fascinating insight into this beautiful forest green gem with a fascinating history and incredible colour-shifting properties.

4pm - Ammolite with John Reed

A second chance to catch John Reed and the wonderful rare colours of Ammolite.

8pm - Solitaire Collection with Adina Stubbs

Join Adina for this exciting new collection of solitaire designs - jewellery with a single central gemstone. There are a wonderful selection of designs to choose from so don't miss out!

Wednesday 2nd October

1pm - Ammolite with John Reed

John will be joining us for a third and final show this event so make sure you tune in to hear his fascinating stories from the mine.

8pm - Treasures of Thailand with Toby Cavill

Thailand is an incredible place from which to source gemstones, and Toby will be bringing some of his favourites to our studios for this one hour celebration of the best of Thail jewels.

Thursday 3rd October

6pm - Jewellery Care with Gavin Merrison

Collecting and enjoying Mother Nature's treasures is a wonderful experience - but what can we do to keep our jewels looking their best? Join Gavin Merisson from Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaning UK for a range of innovative products designed to keep your gemstones and jewellery pieces looking their very best for all time.

8pm - Aquaprase™ with Yianni Melas

Legendary gem hunter Yianni Melas will be in the studio for a series of shows featuring his most incredible discoveries from a life spent hunting for gemstones. His first show with us during our birthday event will be a whole showcase of peerless Aquaprase™. Tune in to hear Yianni talk about the discovery of this incredible gem.

Friday 4th October

12pm - Aquaprase™ with Yianni Melas

Another chance to catch Yianni and his incredible stories from his gem hunting adventures. In this show, Yianni will be bringing us another chance to own a stunning piece of Aquaprase™.

4pm & 5pm - Snowflake Cut with Rudi Wobito

Rudi Wobito and his brother Ralph have created number of stunning gemstone cuts during their careers. We're delighted to bring them to you alongside Rudi himself during the birthday event. Rudi's first show is a two-hour special dedicated to their flagship Snowflake cut.

8pm & 9pm - Maelstrom Cut with Rudi Wobito

Another chance to catch Rudi's tales from his gem cutting career alongside his Wobito Bros cuts. The new Wobito Maelstrom cut is shown for the very first time on Gemporia in this two-hour showcase.

11pm - Changbai Peridot with Matt Bennett

Gemologist Matt Bennett joins us in the studio for an hour of incredible quality Chagbai Peridot from the world class mines in China that he has visited himself.

Saturday 5th October

12am (midnight, end of Thursday) - Watch Showcase with Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett is with us to showcase a fine selection of timepieces that would make a lovely treat for yourself or an ideal gift for a loved one.

9am - Nigerian Morganite with Yianni Melas

Yianni joins us with another chance to hear his tales of treasure hunting. In this special show, Yianni will be introducing us to Nigerian Morganite, a delightfully pink jewel with a wonderful story.

12pm & 1pm - Snowflake Cut with Rudi Wobito

Rudi is back in the studio with more of his wonderful cuts. In this show we focus on the Snowflake cut in another two-hour spectacular.

4pm & 5pm - Alpine Cut with Rudi Wobito

Rudi joins us for anothr two-hour show of fascinating insight into the creation of these sparkling treasures. In this edition, we're focussing on the spectacular Alpine cut.

8pm - Dinosaur Bone with Yianni Melas

Another chance to catch Yianni and his incredible stories from his gem hunting adventures. In this show, Yianni will be bringing us the intriguing Dinosaur Bone and the story behind its discovery.

Sunday 6th October

9am - Maelstrom Cut with Rudi Wobito

Rudi joins us for his final show this birthday event to talk about his incredible jewellery collections. Here, we present another chance to own the latest adition to the Wobito repertoire, the Maelstrom cut.

12pm - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with Jake Thompson

Some of the finest Turquoise in the world comes from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, USA. Join our head of gemstone acquisition, Jake Thompson, to find out more about this beautiful stone.

1pm - Chrome Diopside with Ellis Ward

The deep green tones of Chrome Diopside are unmistakable, and we're delighted to bring you a whole hour of this treasure. Join Ellis Ward to hear just how difficult this gem is to acquire.

4pm - Nigerian Morganite with Yianni Melas

Yianni rejoins us in the Gems TV studio to regale us with tales from his gem hunting adventures around the globe. Here's another chance to get hold of incredible Nigerian Morganite.

8pm - Aquaprase™ with Yianni Melas

Another chance to hear first hand stories from a legendary gem hunter with opportunities to own Aquaprase™ for yourself.


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