Autumn Style Guide - Gemstone Colours For 2019

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The Romantic poet John Keats beautifully described autumn as the ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. It is known for the harvest, falling leaves, cooling temperatures and darker nights. As the days get shorter and the trees prepare for winter, leaves start to change colour from green to red, orange, yellow and brown before falling.

They infuse autumn with a spectrum of delightful colours, and we’ve selected three luscious complementary tones which embody this splendid season perfectly.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus

Burnt Orange Gemstones

Autumn is filled with vibrant burnt orange colours, from the falling leaves to the radiating chimineas glowing in back gardens up and down the country. If you find the deep orange tones of autumnal foliage mesmerising, you’ll love Mandarin Garnet’s deep vivid colour. Madeira Citrine burns bright with yellow-orange hues reminiscent of the embers of a glowing fire, while the pinky-orange hues of Padparadscha Quartz are evocative of an autumnal sunset.

Burnt Orange Jewellery

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Evergreen Gemstones

As the deciduous trees lose their leaves and become bare silhouettes across the skyline, we turn to the evergreens. They act as a perpetual glimpse of the gorgeous greens leftover from the summer, and as a reminder of what has passed and what is still to come. Green Tourmaline wonderfully captures the shiny deep green of the holly bush, while the warm green-brown tones of Csarite® and Ambilobe Sphene muster up a sense of fading sunlight falling on earthy, pinecone-rich trees.

Evergreen Jewellery

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Plum Gemstones

With blackberries ripening in the hedgerows, and elderberry clusters and ripe plums heavy in the trees, there is something wonderfully sumptuous and fulfilling about the harvest season. Zambian Amethyst’s deep purple tones mimic those of a juicy blackberry ready to be picked, while the pinky-red tones of Umbalite and Malawi Garnet are reminiscent of luscious berries and plums. Mother Nature certainly knows how to add colour to her gems to compliment the season.

Plum Jewellery

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