Introducing Balinese Artisan Jewellery by Samuel B

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We're delighted to announce that Gemporia will be welcoming Samuel Behnam, the award-winning and highly acclaimed New York jewellery designer, to our studios. The Samuel B Balinese Artisan Jewellery Collection showcases stunning, intricate designs that take their inspiration from the phenomenal legacy of traditional Balinese jewellery. Samuel will be joining us to showcase his collection in person.

Samuel Behnam began his remarkable career over 35 years ago, as an importer and exporter of precious and semi-precious gemstones. His time spent in this role gave him an extraordinary eye for spotting the very finest of Mother Nature's natural wonders. It also allowed him to explore the many different types of jewellery from all across the globe, and when his mind turned to jewellery design, Samuel was particularly taken with the style and history of Balinese jewellery.

Samuel B Jewellery

As well as showcasing the remarkable skills of the many talented silversmiths needed to create a collection of this calibre, the tradition, culture and heritage of the region is also carefully imbued and preserved in every piece. Samuel Behnam's design philosophy fuses these traditional, ancient crafting techniques with contemporary styling. Each piece in the Samuel B collection is hand-crafted to an exceedingly high standard. Quality gemstones have been very carefully chosen to compliment the styling of these masterpieces. Stones such as Turquoise, Pearl, Abalone, Coral and Lapis Lazuli work hand in hand with their respective designs to create balanced, striking looks. Take a closer look at the remarkable skill and expertise that goes into the creation of every single piece in the below video.

This collection represents the very best of nature's treasures and humankind's artistry - a timeless collection created by hand, one at a time. When Samuel joins us in the Gemporia studio, he'll bring his fascinating first-hand stories about his jewellery journey and the creation of these exquisite pieces to your screens.

Stay tuned to Gemporia and keep an eye on our upcoming schedules for news of Samuel Behnam's next visit to the studio.

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