What Is A Cocktail Ring?

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Find out everything you need to know about cocktail rings, the history, how to wear them, and whether you should buy one.

Cocktail rings are big and bold statement rings that draw attention due to their size and colour. Typically they would feature a large stone in the centre with smaller stones surrounding it and are much larger than standard rings. However, over the years, the style and design of them has changed, and you will see more unique interpretations. Because of how big cocktail rings are they can be expensive if they are set with gemstones like Diamonds, Emeralds and Opals. Cocktail rings are timeless and have become a staple for collectors and jewellery lovers.


Cocktail rings have been around for years, gaining popularity in the 1920s at the start of the Art Deco period. In the USA during the prohibition period, when alcohol was banned, people of a wealthy class would hold illegal drinking parties, including cocktail parties. Glamour and excess were essential factors of the movement, and showy jewellery became associated with these parties. The lives of women changed as they were getting more independence; this was shown in the extravagant outfits they wore as well as their accessories. Cocktail rings became extremely popular in the 1940s and 1950s. However, as fashion started to change in the 1960s, they were seen less until the 1980s where the style jumped with colourful mis-matched patterns and big hair.


You can wear them on whatever finger you like; you can even do a Phoebe Buffay and wear them on every finger! Traditionally though they would be worn on the right hand. The reason is that the left hand is generally associated with engagement rings and wedding rings.


That's really up to you! You will find that nowadays, cocktail rings come in so many different styles and price points, there really is something for everyone. We've listed below some of our top 5 favourites from Gemporia.

1. Blue Lace Agate Sterling Silver Ring, £29

A modern Blue Lace Agate Cocktail Ring
If you're looking for something you can wear every day and buy at a reasonable price, this ring would be perfect! The gemstone set into this ring is an unusual yet beautiful cut of Blue Lace Agate. Due to the hardness of the stone, it is very durable, which makes it suitable for wearing day to day.

2. White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring, Was £58 - Now £29

A very stylish White Topaz Silver Ring Wanting something a bit more glitzy, that isn't going to break the bank? Then say "HELLO!" to this beautiful ring! With 125 individual White Topaz stones set into a curved disc, for maximum sparkle. Great for showing off under the disco lights. If you want for something similar with a bit more colour, this Garnet Sterling Silver Ring is ideal.

3. Rainbow Moonstone & White Topaz Gold Plated Ring, £58

Traditional Rainbow Moonstone Cocktail Ring Maybe you want a more traditional style of a cocktail ring. This ring is set with a 7-carat Rainbow Moonstone, the checkerboard cut of the stone accentuates the play of colour. It's elegant, yet unique and is suitable for any occasion.

4. Rose De France Amethyst & Diamond Ring in 9-Karat Gold, £185

An eye-catching Amethyst Ring in 9-Karat Gold You can't go wrong with this one! This eye-catching ring has a variation of Amethyst, Rose De France, set into the centre at a whopping 8-carats. Plus, 8 individually set Diamonds across the band of the ring. With an affordable price tag, this ring is the ideal accessory for a classy cocktail party.

5. Red Topaz Ring in 9-Karat Gold, £185

A vibrant coloured 5-Carat Red Topaz Ring Sometimes all you want is a mixture of bold and vibrant! This ring is set with a single Red Topaz stone, weighing 5-carats. Due to the striking colour, it needs no additional stones to draw attention. This stone under any lighting is sure to dazzle.

You can find a variety of Cocktail Rings here at Gemporia.


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