Around The World In 80 Gems - An Odyssey Of Jewels

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Join us here on Gemporia between Monday 6th May and Sunday 12th May for an incredible week of gemstone exploration, as we take our hot air balloon Around The World In 80 Gems and bring to your screens the very best gemstones from across the globe.

Over almost 15 years on-air, we have made many connections and relationshps with mine owners and gem dealers all over the globe. Thanks to these lasting friendships we are able to bring you a wide varety of beautiful genuine gemsones from the four corners of the earth. In the first event of its kind, we will be spending a week bringing 80 of the most incredible gemstones to your screens in a whole range of jewelry designs and types, and we'll be doing it all from our hot air balloon!

Beginning at 8am on Monday morning with Ammolite from Canada, we'll be circumnavigating the globe, stopping off in prolific gemstone producing lands such as Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Australia, ending in New Zealand with Paua Shell at 11pm on Sunday night. We'll also be visiting Mexico, Bolivia, Morocco and Nepal to showcase some of the world's finest hidden gems, and many other countries too on our odyssey of Mother Nature's finest jewels.

Around The World In 80 Gems

Every gemstone has a fascinating story, and every time we land the balloon we'll be bringing you a show full of fascinating facts and the interesting histories behind the stones. Our resident gemstone buyers and experts Jake Thompson and David Troth will be piloting the balloon to many of the countries, and we'll also be joined by Chrlie Barron and Mariusz Gielo for showcases on Pearls and Amber respectively.

Whether you're new to gemstone and jewelley collecting or have been building your collection for years, we have a gemstone for everyone during the event. As well as must-have staples like Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald, there will be opportunies to own some of the rarer stones we've sourced over our history, such as Serenite, Chrome Diopside, Color Change Garnet and a whole rainbow of Tourmalines. There's never been a better time to tune in and grab yourself an affordable treasure for your jewelry box.

There are plenty of surprises planned throughout the event and you can check our daily schdule page here at any time to see what's coming up in the next 24 hours. We hope you can join us for one of the biggest and most exciting events in our history. Click here to watch live and see where the balloon has landed today. We hope you can join us as the Gemporia balloon takes flight, and see how many of our 80 gems you can learn something new about.

The Gemporia Hot Air Balloon

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