What's Your Day Of The Week Birthstone?

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You probably know your birthstone based on your month of birth, but did you know there are also gemstones for your day of birth? Each day of the week is associated with at least two gems, giving you some beautiful alternate stones to collect and enjoy wearing. If you’ve never been a big fan of your traditional birthstone, you might find these choices more tempting.

Monday Pearl

The timeless elegance of Pearl has seen it elevated to one of the most popular gemstones around the world, and it was historically more valuable than any other stone. Pearls are organic in origin and are created as part of the defence mechanism of certain molluscs in both saltwater and freshwater. They are found in a beautiful array of colours too.

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Tuesday Ruby

We may never know if the Rolling Stones were inspired by this when they wrote Ruby Tuesday, but babies born on this day have the gorgeous, glowing red of Ruby as their stone. One of the most famous and storied gems of them all, Ruby has been revered for thousands of years and has made its way into some of the world’s most elegant jewellery pieces.

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Wednesday Amethyst

Amethyst is a showcase of how tone and saturation can give a single gemstone contrasting but equally beautiful looks. The lighter tone and saturation of Rose de France Amethyst means the gem exudes a delightful, bright lilac colour. At the other end of the scale, Moroccan Amethyst has a darker tone and deeper saturation, causing a deep, delicious grape colour.

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Thursday Sapphire

Like Ruby, Sapphire is one of the most illustrious and historical coloured gemstones, and they both belong to the same gem family – Corundum. Sapphire seems to capture a perfect dusk sky in its cornflower blue hue, which is so pretty that you could spend a lifetime just staring into it. Maybe this is why the stone is so prevalent in engagement rings?

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Friday Emerald

Mother Nature has gifted us with some beautiful green gemstones, but the colour of Emerald is out of this world. Most Emeralds contain inclusions, which are known exclusively for this gem as ‘jardin’, the French for ‘garden’. This gives each Emerald a unique character all of its own.

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Saturday Diamond

Diamonds sparkle with all the colours of the rainbow when white light enters the gem, is split into its constituent colours and is then refracted back out. This effect is known as ‘fire’, and it has helped Diamond become arguably the most famous gemstone on the planet. Diamonds can occasionally be found naturally in several colours too, without diminishing any of this fire.

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Sunday Topaz

Topaz is a remarkably clear gem, classified as ‘Type 1’ by the Gemological Institute of America, meaning it is generally inclusion free across the gemstone trade. It also comes in a stunning array of colours, from traditional golden imperial hues and sky blues to more modern mystic colours that have been added via a complicated process to bring bright, vibrant looks to them.

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