The Beauty and Provenance of Australian and Canadian Diamonds

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Diamonds have enthralled and captivated those who have gazed upon them for centuries. Some of the very finest Diamonds in the world are found in very specific locations in Australia and Canada. Gemporia is delighted to have teamed up with the Argyle and Diavik mines respectively to create an exclusive and very limited collection of designs featuring scintillating Diamonds from both of these stunning sources. Here's the story behind both of these incredible mines, and the two world's of Diamond that have collided in these incredible collections.


The Argyle mine is the definitive location for the world’s finest natural coloured Diamonds. In 1983 the Diamond landscape changed forever. The unique formation of the ‘Argyle Pipe’ is a geological anomaly and this is why these Diamonds are truly distinctive, exceptionally rare and intrinsically exclusive.

Experts believe that what makes this mine truly unique is its comparatively short formation period. While the Argyle pipe is approximately 1.5 billion years old, the volcanic rock that bears the pipe is merely 1.1 billion years old. 400 million years is not a very long period for Diamonds to form. This is why it is so rare to get larger size Diamonds from Argyle.

Australian Diamonds

The reason that this mine is so highly regarded is because there has never been a Diamond mine like it. Unlike any other mine, this location is characterised by its ability to produce colour, and this is what is synonymous with the Argyle name. Only about 5% of Diamonds mined are deemed gem quality which is below world averages of around 20%.

An Argyle Diamond from Australia is a one locational miracle, a one generational opportunity and a once in a lifetime acquisition. When looking for your Diamond always apply the 4 Cs, but when it comes to an Australian Argyle Diamond, there is a 5th C – character.


In a remote corner of the vast Australian continent, hidden deep below the surface underneath layers of rock and sand, lays one of the world’s most treasured natural beauties – Diamonds.

From their incredible birthplace to their rich indigenous heritage and ethical sourcing, Australian Diamonds are as beautiful and unique as the majestic landscape of the land from which they come.

Australian Diamonds

The story of Australian Diamonds begins billions of years ago under the dusty red topography of Western Australia where intense heat and pressure caused carbon atoms inside rocks to combine and crystallise into precious Diamonds.

For years, these Diamonds remained dormant, 160 kilometres below the earth until volcanic eruptions forced them from their hiding place closer to the surface. Erosion ultimately freed the Diamonds from their host rocks, allowing these once-hidden gems to be cut and set into beautiful jewellery that is treasured around the world.


Australian Diamonds are naturally formed and ethically sourced. The story behind Australian Diamonds is as unique as the rugged landscape and the rich culture of its people. Australia’s exotic wildfire, fauna and heritage sites are extraordinary gifts from Mother Nature that rival the majesty of the stones unearthed in the Argyle Diamond mine.

Every stone recovered is a precious original born in natural colours ranging from white and silver to champagne and cognac, and the rarely seen but highly treasured pink, red and blue Diamonds. Australian Diamonds are acquired through responsible and ethical mining practices that honour the environment and help preserve it for future generations.

Australian Diamonds

The Argyle Diamond mine in Australia also supports local employment, business and infrastructure, tourism, and indigenous communities. The mine is owned and operated by Rio Tinto, a global industry leader with a reputation for trust and integrity towards its consumers, workers, communities and the environment.

Treasuring the people of the land and their traditions, Australian Diamonds serve as the ultimate takeaway and lasting reminder of a one-of-a-kind country, the Land Down Under.


Rough Diamonds are carefully extracted from the earth and analysed by experts who recognise hidden beauty. Stones are placed into the capable hands of skilled cutters who sculpt raw rocks into polished pieces of perfection, and it’s these faceted beauties that take their rightful place among the works of art that fashionable women can wear every day.

Australian Diamonds

Instantly recognisable, Australian Diamonds deliver a stunning warm palette that lends an uncontrived uniqueness to Diamond fashion jewellery.


Today, the influence of Australian Argyles stretches into many spheres and over many continents and nowhere more so than India. From the remote and hauntingly beautiful East Kimberley region of Western Australia – where the blue sky and red earth collide spectacularly – to the densely populated cities of India, skilled workers have learnt to unlock the beauty and the value of the small, Australian Diamonds.

Australian Diamonds

Here, Diamond cutting and polishing factories have flourished, communities have been empowered, and a new jewellery manufacturing industry has made these small – but exquisite – records of the earth’s history affordable to those who before could only dream of being their custodians.

Explore our Australian Argyle Diamond Collection here.


Canadian Diamonds dance and shimmer with a pristine clarity and unparalleled beauty that perfectly mirrors the crisp polar skies under which they formed. Canadian Diamonds from the vast northernmost region of Canada are as alluring as the Northern Lights that illuminate this expansive wonderland near the Arctic Circle.

Canadian Diamonds

The story of Canadian Diamonds begins billions of years ago under the subarctic landscape of the Northwest Territories where intense heat and pressure caused carbon atoms inside rocks to combine and crystallise into precious Diamonds.

For years these Diamonds remained dormant, 160 kilometres below the earth, until volcanic eruptions forced them closer to the surface. Erosion ultimately freed the Diamonds from their host rocks, allowing these once-hidden gems to be cut and set into beautiful jewellery so they could be treasured by you.


The vast frozen wilderness of northern Canada has a sparkling secret hidden beneath. Canada’s Northwest Territories are one of the most remote places in the world, and below this vast land mass lies one of nature’s most beautiful bounties. This is a wilderness of unsurpassed beauty, a land of snow-covered lakes and islands that remain frozen for up to ten months of the year.

Canadian Diamonds

During the 1970s, bold pioneers ventured into this hinterland and embarked upon a quest in search of the precious stones hidden beneath the icy earth’s crust. In 1991 they were finally rewarded when they discovered what was to become one of the most abundant Diamond mines in the whole world.

Located on the bed of a vast northern lake, Lac de Gras, is the Diavik Diamond mine, unearthing the hidden treasures of this mesmerising land.


The Diavik Diamond mine operates in one of the world’s most untouched and ecologically sensitive environments. Vast tundra surrounds the mine, and it is home to bears, wolverine, and migrating caribou. With these environmental concerns, the planning of Diavik was meticulous to ensure minimal impact on the area. This meant not only the considerations of the wildlife but also the needs of the local communities who have lived throughout these lands for eras. Ongoing today is an internationally recognised commitment to the protection of the land and the animals and humans who inhabit it.

Canadian Diamonds

From the outset, local Indigenous leaders were consulted to create a mine that would be sustainable and help the population to prosper. Diavik has helped empower the locals, bringing new opportunities in training, employment and business infrastructure, as well as economic growth where there have been few economic prospects in the past. The mine has built up a reputation for trust and integrity towards its customers, workers, communities and the environment.

Today, half of Diavik workers are from the north of Canada, half of whom are Indigenous. Diavik also works closely with Indigenous companies to assist them in building capacity, so they are better positioned to pursue potential future business opportunities.


Nature has done her part, now the diamantaire and the master cutter apply their skills to each rough stone. In the rough, a Diavik Canadian Diamond displays a beautiful crystalline form and is recognised by experts as an especially white Diamond. They are lustrous and filled with brilliant fire. Composed of microscopic carbon atoms, Diamonds are full of angles and parallel surfaces that grow geometrically.

Rough Diamonds are carefully extracted from the earth and analysed by experts who recognise hidden beauty. The work of the diamantaire is a profession steeped in history. It requires skills and knowledge that have been passed across generations.

Canadian Diamonds

The diamantaire expertly reads Diamonds, understanding how best to cut and polish each stone. Master cutters follow the markings of the diamantaire, giving brilliant form to rough Diamonds of all sizes and grades.

Canadian Diamonds from the Diavik mine make wonderful polished gems thanks to their top white colours and consistent shapes. They are ideally suited for statement jewellery pieces and are a perfect fit for any and every type of design: delicate and timeless, daring and modern.


A long-held secret of northern Canada, a spectacular Diamond for you to treasure forever. Each Canadian Diamond offers something special, an intoxicating twinkle that attracts the eye and captures the heart. Formed naturally under the luminous Northern Lights, romantics believe they have been infused with the mystery and brilliance of that light.

Canadian Diamonds

The finished jewellery designs feature genuine Canadian Diamonds that are carefully crafted to reveal the inner fire of the stones. When you purchase a Canadian Diamond, you can wear it with pride, because not only do you know it has been ethically sourced and responsibly produced, you also know you are getting a genuine Diamond with a story and heritage like no other.

Natural, authentic and distinctive from the beginning, Canadian Diamonds carry the legacy of their northern roots with them forever.

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