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Presenter Rosie Wells launched her butterfly inspired ‘Rosie Loves’ collection to a delighted Gemporia audience in August 2017. After the birth of her son, Idris, in October 2017, she has now returned to our screens and brings with her a second collection of ‘Rosie Loves’ designs, this time influenced by trips to the seaside with her growing family. Over to Rosie to reveal her inspiration for these delightful new pieces.

My most recent collection focusses on shapes of the sea. I’d started to work on some designs based on my travels around the world, drawing on influences from the jewellery worn by indigenous people from Tanzania, Zambia and various countries in South America. However, of all the places I’ve travelled, there is one place that I love more than anywhere in the world, and that is Aberdyfi in Wales. As a child I always loved the sea and this has stayed with me well into adulthood. It’s exciting to look out on the horizon and imagine the whole world lying waiting, with endless possibilities and adventures to be enjoyed, and people to meet and learn from.

Rosie's Sketches

My husband took me to Aberdyfi when we first met as he’d been visiting since he was a baby. As well as falling madly in love with the place, I also realised very quickly that I was madly in love with him! We go as often as we can and the immediate feeling of joy and relief when we go is incredible. For both of us it’s so special and we now love taking our children Hazel and Idris, who adore the beach and splashing in the waves. (Well, Idris has had his toes dipped in and seemed to like it!) The time always passes so quickly and I often forget to sketch or paint when I’m there. However I’ve always had ideas in my head and it’s wonderful to finally realise these on paper and now into this new collection.

Because the designs focus on the sea, it seemed natural to once again work with Pearl and the beautiful fluidity of silver. There were definitely some more challenges this time around as the designs are more eclectic and each piece is completely unique, whereas last time shapes and forms were repeated throughout. It’s all been hugely exciting and it was great to introduce some new textures into this collection too.

Rosie Loves Designs

I was blown away by the response to my last collection. I’d asked people to get in touch and tell me their stories and what the collection meant to them and I was amazed at how open people were. It was very emotional really and I’m so thrilled that it connected with people in such a meaningful way.

Looking beyond this collection, Emerald and Amber are two gemstones I would love to create a collection for. They are so different in many ways but both have so much personality, which I adore. My mind is bubbling over with ideas for both gems and I’ve just learned of a new and exciting technique that I’d love to explore with Amber. Watch this space!

You can read more about the original launch of 'Rosie Loves' in this earlier blog. You can see Rosie on-air on the Gemporia breakfast show, between 7am and 11am. Follow Rosie on her social media channels for more updates about upcoming additions to 'Rosie Loves'. To see the most recent additions to this wonderful and ever-changing collection, just click here.

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