Spring 2019 Gemology Magazine Out Now

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The spring 2019 edition of our Gemology magazine is now shipping with orders - you'll receive your complimentary copy with the first order you place between February 1st 2019 and April 30th 2019, while stocks last. The new edition is packed from cover to cover with features on gemstones, jewelry and fashion, and here's a closer look at what's inside.


20th Century Jewelry Design

We're taking a look at the jewelry designs that defined the mid-20th century, from the mid-1940s all the way through to the end of the swinging 1960s. This style defining era contributed so many timeless looks to the jewelry world that many are still hugely popular today.


Gemstones Mined in Sri Lanka

Join us on a virtual tour of Sri Lanka, as we journey through some of the island's most important gemstone locations, from the mines to the markets. We also take in some of the stunning natural sights to be found on this picturesque gem of an island.


Spring Style and Jewelry

As we approach the light at the end of another dark and cold winter, we've been looking at the colors and jewelry designs that will define spring 2019. From pink, to mint, to yellow - we've found a wonderful selection of gemstones to compliment the styles of the season.


The History of Mother's Day

Every year we celebrate the most special of family members on Mother's Day. But where did the day originate, and how did it evolve? We've delved into the history of the festivity to discover how it came into being, both in the UK and in the US.


Polymorphism in Gemstones

How can gemstones with identical chemical formulas appear in a range of different colours, such as Kyanite and Andalusite (both Al2SiO5)? All is explained inside the new issue.


Amethyst in Greek Mythology

You may have heard the Amethyst legend from Greek mythology that supposedly gave the gemstone its name. But there are many versions of the same story, all with slight variations in the famous tale. We find out more in this issue.


Gemporia Facebook Competition

We recently asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite jewelry designs from Gemporia.com with us. We share some of the responses here, along with the winner of the competition to win the piece they chose. Look out for another competition soon on our Facebook page.

You'll receive a free copy of the magazine with the first order you place this quarter (February, March and April 2019), but if you'd like additional copies of this issue, you can buy them by clicking here.

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