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Many little girls dream of their big day when they get to feel like a princess and marry their true love. I was a bride-to-be, and got married last summer, and I remember well the excitement but also just how much there was to do. The dress, the cake, the flowers and cars… before you know it you have a list of things the length of your arm to do. But don’t panic! Who better qualified to help with bridal jewellery and gifts than the Best Jewellery Nominee at The Wedding Awards 2018? No matter what role you play in someone’s big day you’ll want to feel fabulous too, so let Gemporia play the role of your fairy godmother with our hassle-free shopping guide and tick one more thing off that list. Click the link to see jewellery where a gemstone is mentioned below.


A bridal jewellery guide would not be complete without mentioning one of the most popular gemstones associated with weddings. In modern culture the Pearl has become a symbol of purity and integrity, which is why many brides, myself included, consider it extremely lucky to wear on their wedding day. Another popular trend, particularly with many brides opting for a sleek updo, is a pair of statement earrings, with a vintage revival of estate earrings and Edwardian or Victorian designs to create an elegant and chic look.

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Men’s jewellery has become a staple piece over the years, with many gifting watches or cufflinks for the groom's present. A classic timepiece is a great gift that will never go out of style; its timeless appeal spanning many years after the big day. If you are looking for a gemstone with that extra edge then Malachite is said to be a stone of balance in relationships. As well as being a stunning gemstone in its own right, its banded tones can also represent the coming together of two people. Diamond is another good gem for the groom, especially when paired with a titanium band. Together they represent sheer strength, just like the unbreakable bond between a couple.

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One of things I love the most about gemstones is how many different meanings and associations they have gathered throughout history. I find this fascinating and it’s a great starting point to make a personal connection when it comes to gift buying. My mum and I have matching Blue Sapphire birthstone rings. Not only do they represent a shared birth month but we now have matching jewellery for the rest of our lives.

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For a bridesmaid's gift you can look into the symbolism of gemstones. For example Topaz, which is nicknamed 'the gem of friendship', is commonly used for friendship rings. More recently, friendship bracelets have become a universal symbol of companionship and loyalty. You could also choose an iconic symbol such as a heart or a flower that represents love and friendship. A running theme through my wedding is time and space, so I have chosen a star bracelet that my girls can treasure forever. Ruby has long been known as 'the gem of love' because of its fiery red appearance and Rose Quartz also represents love and appreciation. Turquoise is known as ‘the gem of renewing friendships’ and is associated with happiness and loyalty.

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As a wedding guest I always try to find out what colours the wedding party will be wearing. That way I can choose an outfit that is not going to make me look like an extra bridesmaid! However, with jewellery anything goes. It’s a great way to express your personality, by accessorising with pieces that make you feel fabulous. There are so many wonderful gemstone colours to choose from, you may even find a new favourite as you look to match or complement your wedding outfit.

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Why not add a splash of colour with genuine gemstones that will contrast nicely with a white bridal gown? Tanzanite is a great day-to-night gemstone with its regal blue tones and purple hues. Whilst Amethyst was used in medieval times to ward off drunkenness, unfortunately we can’t guarantee it will aid a bad head, but it will help you look and feel beautiful on a day filled with such joy and celebration. Aquamarine is a nice light, bright blue for a happy, sunny day and similarly Peridot is very apt for wearing in the warmer months. If you love colour but want a gemstone that will go with any outfit, Opal features a soft neutral body but with an explosion of different colours trapped within when viewed from different angles.

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There are plenty more bridal jewellery designs on this special page, just click here.

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