Mutala Morganite

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In 1910, Tiffany’s introduced Morganite to the world. This famed peach-pink member of the Beryl family boasts soft feminine hues and is in high demand with collectors. The discovery was directly due to the famed gemmologist George Frederick Kunz’s tenacity in his quest to reveal Mother Nature’s rarest and most beautiful treasures.

The first Morganite was unearthed by Kunz in Madagascar. That deposit has long since stopped producing any gems of significant quality.

We have had great success in sourcing from another long-since depleted prized primary deposit in Brazil – collectors will fondly remember when Gemporia was able to supply exquisite Galileia Morganite jewellery.

However, in the wake of Galileia’s demise, we hypothesised, based on earth’s geological history that on the same seam, nestled in between the original Madagascan mine and the Galileia deposit, lay a secondary alluvial deposit in the heart of Mozambique – ‘The Zambezi Morganite’.

The Zambezi deposit yielded a beautiful Morganite, with a subtle textbook blush peach colour. However, since it was a secondary alluvial deposit, the carat weights were never large, due to weight being lost by tumbling and the movement of water.

We have been searching for the primary deposit that fed this alluvial Zambezi deposit for over 5 years. Finally, in 2016 we found the primary source, ’The Mutala Deposit’.

The parcel we have sourced has finally offered us the finest colours reminiscent of the old Galileia Morganite deposit with substantial carat weights. This mine is still in its infancy and we have no idea how productive it will be. We purchased the entirety of the first offering and this was still a small parcel.

History has taught us that when a primary Morganite mine is discovered, there is such huge demand that the deposit can become exhausted in record time.

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