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There are many beautiful hues of Blue Topaz to be discovered. London Blue Topaz and Swiss Blue Topaz are two of the most popular varieties. Whereas Swiss Blue Topaz has a bright, vivid cobalt blue, London Blue Topaz is its deep, brooding, sophisticated sister. Both of these colours are the result of treatments, but even so, the quality of the natural gemstone rough to work with is of paramount importance.

One of the finest Topaz varieties to work with is Marambaia Topaz. Unfortunately, this has quietly disappeared from the market over the last five or so years and we have seen a huge increase in prices in this prized deposit’s rough. This has a knock-on effect on our top grade London Blue Topaz, because London Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz varieties require the finest grade Topaz – whereas the Sky Blue and Azure Blue varieties of Topaz can use a lower grade.

The finest Topaz specimens in the world, those landmark discoveries that are on exhibit in some of the world’s most notable museums, often come from the famed Marambaia deposit. In fact, the Spanish town of Marbella in the Costa Del Sol recently acquired a large Brazilian London Blue Topaz and renamed this substantial stone ‘The Marbella Topaz’ in order to drive tourism to Marbella. This is the level of distinction that this deposit, partnered with this colour, commands. It epitomises the colours of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our trusted supplier of the world-famous Marambaia London Blue Topaz is Dr Helmut. This German gemstone merchant has been telling us for years that the supply has been drastically reduced since the recession in 2008. Even with this knowledge, we were able to continually source this stone year on year without any significant price implications until recently. This is because there was enough already in circulation to sustain the demand until late 2015. This is when we experienced huge price increases in the industry and noticed a lot of substandard London Blue Topaz (with grey masking) that weren’t from Brazil. Due to the fact that we have always sourced the finest examples of the finest grades of London Blue we were not prepared to compromise on that.

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If you watch our live channels, you may have noticed that we are no longer able to bring you themed days of London Blue Topaz anymore. This is because the supply is down by around 60% in the industry and the public’s appetite for this beautiful gem is higher than ever. There were a lot of Brazilian Topaz mines that closed during the 2008 recession and have never been in a position to reopen.

It is only due to our amazing relationship with Dr Helmut and the continued support that we offered to his business during the difficult time in the recession, when Dr Helmut had to diversify his company significantly, that he is willing to honour great prices for the most prized London Blue Topaz exclusively for us. This is a limited window of opportunity to obtain this extraordinary gem, as the parcels we can obtain are becoming significantly smaller over time.

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