Our Top 6 Blue & Green Gemstones for Love

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Why not choose a gift with a difference? Traditionally, you might think of red or pink gemstones as the ideal gemstone colours to give, but blue and green gemstones can also be given as gifts. The blue of the sky is said to remind us of tranquillity, infinity and the divine. Whereas sky blue is supposed to evoke happiness, blue also has a sadder side, possibly due to the suggestion of rain. Blue symbolises loyalty, which is perhaps why brides need to find their ‘something blue’. Green has its own set of connotations too. In modern times, green is associated with nature, spring, freshness, hope, jealousy and rebirth. On the other hand, in medieval times, green was associated with love and sexuality. Interestingly, in ancient times, blue and green were perceived by many cultures as being the same colour. Over time, the two colours were separated out. If you’re looking for something a little different for your loved one, look no further than our top green and blue gemstones for love below.


Sar-i-Sang Lapis Lazuli

This sparkling gem was a favourite with ancient cultures, who often confused it with Sapphire. Parts of King Tutankhamun’s famous death mask are adorned with Lapis Lazuli. Due to its bright colour, it was also ground down to create blue pigments in paints. The ancient Romans believed that wearing the gem would ensure a baby’s safety in the womb and that Lapis Lazuli was a powerful aphrodisiac. A deep luscious blue, interspersed with flecks of glittering Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli is sure to capture any fair lady’s heart.

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Blue Sapphire

Known as the commitment stone, Sapphire is the traditional gem to set alongside Diamonds for a man wanting to express his love and commitment to someone special. Sapphires are also the gemstone of choice with the British Royal Family. Edward VIII gave Wallis Simpson many incredible gems, but her favourite was always Sapphire. Most famously of all, Princess Diana chose a stunning Ceylon Blue Sapphire engagement ring, which is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Sapphire is, technically speaking, any gemstone from the corundum family that isn’t red. Red corundum is known by the name Ruby.

Along with symbolising commitment, Sapphires were also used as a talisman to protect chastity. For this reason, they became popular with the clergy. They are still popular today amongst crystal healers to improve mental acuity and as a stone of deep knowledge. Star Sapphires are also found, which are said to have even stronger metaphysical properties.

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Minas Gerais Emerald

Known as the ‘prosperity stone’, Emerald is one of the most enchanting gemstones Mother Nature has ever created. Each stone is a mini work of art, kissed by the unique fingerprint of Mother Nature herself. Emerald is said to open the Heart Chakra and to promote friendship, ensure a balance between partners and bring about domestic bliss. With the emphasis on cooperation between partners, it is said to be good for busy families to improve harmony and loyalty within the family. With unique inclusions in every gem, every Emerald is as unique as every relationship.

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A beautiful luscious banded green gem, Malachite is a favourite among collectors. Similarly to Lapis Lazuli, the ancients ground this gem up to use as a pigment. Due to its circular patterns, it is associated with the Third Eye, along with the Heart and Throat Chakras. Like Emerald, Malachite is said to bring harmony to a relationship. It is also known as the ‘stone of transformation’, allowing negative energies to be drawn out and removed and to release suppressed feelings. Many crystal healers also recommend it for easing the pain of childbirth. If held against the heart, it can bring balance and devotion to relationships, making it an ideal gift.

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Nephrite Jade

Globally, Jade is one of the most popular gemstones of all. The favourite gemstone of nobility and royals across China and the East, Jade is actually two distinct gemstones – Jadeite and Nephrite. Found in pastel shades of blue, lavender, white, yellow, orange and pink, Jade is most treasured in green. It can be found in transparent or translucent stones, with a pearly or waxy lustre. Jade is said to relieve anxiety and cleanse the aura. It was also ground and drunk in a tonic for its curative properties. In matters of love, it is said to help connect with your partner on an erotic and spiritual level.

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Chrome Tourmaline

One of the most fascinating gemstones, Tourmaline is found in a host of glorious colours. Chrome Tourmaline in most often associated with love. Found in shades from yellowish to blueish forest green, Chrome Tourmaline is a deep and mystical stone. One of its most unusual properties is its ability to attract particles when it is heated or rubbed, a property known as pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity. For this reason, it is given a lot of attention by spiritualists who believe the gem also attracts luck and prosperity. It is also believed to help overcome emotional problems and to have an aphrodisiac effect. Holding the gem is said to attract good lovers and to strengthen and intensify love, relationships and friendships.

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