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One of the biggest fashion trends of the moment is gemstone jewellery set into the beautiful soft pinks of rose gold. This colour of metal has been around since at least the late 19th century, with one of the first major proponents of the blend being Peter Carl Fabergé who used rose gold in some of his famous Fabergé Eggs. Here we're taking a look at some of the best gemstones to set into rose gold, what it's made of and why it's firmly back in fashion.


Rose gold, which sometimes also known as pink gold, is created by adding copper and silver to yellow gold. The yellow gold helps balance the colour of the copper away from dark orange and closer to a red-pink hue, and the silver then softens this to a more delicate pink. A happy side effect of this process is that rose gold is stronger than yellow and white gold, and so is extremely suitable for jewellery that is going to be worn a lot, such as engagement rings. In fact, rose gold engagement rings are one of the biggest fashion trends of the moment. You can see our selection of rose gold rings here.


Believe it or not, we can look to the tech industry as the spark for the recent resurgence in popularity for rose gold. Whilst there was already a rising interest in the very distinctive pink hue among jewellers that began during 2012, in September 2015 Apple announced a new model in its iPhone range that took note of this trend and applied the rose gold colour to one of the variations of its iPhone 6S. This bought the hue to the attention of a huge audience, and it has been reported that 40% of the pre-orders for that phone were for the rose gold edition of the device.

It was subsequently named Pantone Colour of the Year in 2016, a big deal in the fashion industry as it tends to point to what's going to be hot in the coming 12 months. Interestingly, demand has remained very high beyond the usual window for a fashionable colour trend, and the colour has even picked up an alternate name - millennial pink - as it is being advocated by the younger generation across many social media sites and influential blogs.

Those of you who haven been with Gemporia since we began in 2004 already know about the beauty and versatility of rose gold. For anybody who has yet to add it to their collection, or is looking to expand their rose gold jewellery choices, here are our top rose gold recommendations that are bang on trend right now.


Zircon Rose Gold Ring

Zircon is an ideal gemstone for any piece of jewellery because it's clarity and sparkle give it the look of a Diamond. It works particularly well with rose gold as it will absorb some of the colour of the gold and subtly reflect this back out to the wearer. If you're looking for a rose gold Diamond ring, don't overlook the stunning look you can achieve with Zircon instead.

Click here to view this piece, or browse all our rose gold Zircon jewellery here.


Pink Sapphire Rose Gold Pendant

This beautiful rose gold cross necklace is made up of this Pink Sapphire pendant and this rose gold chain. This simple design will sit delicately around the neck, with the dual pink tones of the gold and the Sapphire working effortlessly together to create a stylish and elegant look.

Click here to view all our Pink Sapphire rose gold jewellery.


Pink Spinel Rose Gold Ring

This eye-catching designs clusters together seven beautiful deep pink Spinel gemstones in a hexagon shape that is bordered by 26 dazzling white Zircon stones, creating a bold look that with catch the light and sparkle wherever you wear it.

Click here to view this piece or browse all our rose gold Pink Spinel jewellery here.


London Blue Topaz Rose Gold Ring

London Blue Topaz represents a different, bold, but very stylish choice in rose gold, reinforcing how important it is to experiment with different combinations of gemstones and metals. For anybody who likes their jewellery pieces to stand out and make a statement.

Click here to view this piece or click here to see Pink Topaz coupled with rose gold.


Morganite Rose Gold Earrings

If any gemstone was every formed to partner with rose gold, Morganite must surly be it? The similar but slightly varied pink tones work absolutely perfectly together and the delicate glow of Morganite will bring a touch of class and elegance to any outfit and jewellery ensemble.

Click here to view this piece or browse all our rose gold Morganite jewellery here.


Rajasthan Garnet Rose Gold Ring

If you're looking for a complimentary colour to the light pinks of rose gold without straying too far, the deep pink-purple hues of fine quality Rajasthan Garnet make an ideal match. The delicate simplicity of this piece makes it a design for the ages.

Click here to view this piece or browse all our rose gold Garnet jewellery here.


Rose Gold Ring

If you're looking for a ring to go alongside some of your existing rose gold jewellery, or just looking for the purity of a design without gemstones, this stylish piece does it all, and can be stacked with other similar stone-free rings. The ultimate in simple rose gold style.

Click here to view this piece or browse all our plain rose gold jewellery here.


Kunzite Rose Gold Ring

The contrast between these two very distinct shades of pink is what makes this combination work so well. Kunzite is a very slightly brighter and more intense pink than the aforementioned Morganite but still sits in a rose gold setting as if it were just meant to be.

Click here to view this piece or browse all our rose gold Kunzite jewellery here.


Follow these links to find the exact piece that you're looking for, where you could even build up a rose gold jewellery set. Remember, you can use the options on the left hand side of these pages to further refine your search. We wish you many years of happiness with your stylish new designs.

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