We Want To Hear Your Gemstone Stories

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We have always loved sharing the stories behind our gemstones. Each gem has a unique history, and the people and places where these stones are sourced always have tales to tell. When you take ownership of one of these jewels, however, we believe its story is only just beginning, so now we'd like to hear your stories about the gemstones and jewellery you've collected. Please read on for more details.

Sharing stories is one of humankind's oldest and most important traditions, whether it be recounting a great adventure, a coming-of-age tale or a funny work anecdote. Every time you take ownership of a gemstone, you're adding to its incredible story and everybody who wears jewellery has a completely unique story to tell. If you'd like to share any of your tales, we'd love to hear about the journeys you've taken your gems on, the life moments you've been through whilst wearing your jewellery, and why you picked each gem and what each piece means to you. Maybe you've even bought jewellery for a loved one, and we'd love to know why you picked them the piece that you did.


Click here to go to our 'about us' page and scroll to the bottom. Here, you'll find a section called 'Tell Us Your Gemstone Story' where you can write up your personal jewellery journey and submit it to us. We love reading your own individual experiences with our jewellery, what your pieces mean to you and how they've become a part of your life. We'd love to share them with other customers too, so your story may appear on our social media pages, on our TV channels, in our quarterly magazine and on this website.

Your Gemstone Stories

We can't wait to read your story. If you'd like to start some new stories with some sparkly new pieces, here's a good place to start.

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