What is Malawi Garnet?

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Looking at a Malawi Garnet jewel is a journey of pure luxury. With luxurious reds and undertones of maroon and burgundy, it is a gem to fall in love with again and again.


Malawi sits adjacent to Mozambique, which is well-known in the gemstone world for its gemstone offering - the Northern part of Mozambique is blessed at a geologically critical junction where the Mozambique and Zambezi gemstone belts cut through the country. This produces a highly mineralized hotbed producing some of the world’s rarest and most valuable gemstones.

The Montepuez Ruby mine produces Ruby that is comparable to the finest Mogok Rubies money can buy; the Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline is on a par with the original Brazilian Bathala deposit and its Comeria Garnet made the world stand up and take note.

Mozambique presented Comeria Garnet to the world in 2015/16, which was a purple Rhodolite Garnet that contained trace elements of chromium and manganese. This rare offering made the market reassess the value of fine unique Garnet deposits and the trade price is still going up for the now-exhausted Comeria Garnet.

Now, for the first time, just across the border in Malawi, a new Garnet Deposit has been discovered. The same geological forces that created the famous Comeria Garnet in Mozambique have created this new variety of Rhodolite Garnet.

This newest pocket of Rhodolite Garnet from a small deposit near the Mozambique border with Malawi once again benefits from the activity of both the Mozambique and Zambezi treasure-bearing gemstone belts and the exotic cocktail of trace elements that made Comeria such a unique driving force in this new renaissance of Garnet.

Malawi Garnet is artisanally mined and is effectively the red ‘Comeria’ – a new deposit offering beautiful colours evoking the finest Merlot tones with secondary hues of rose pink that flicker from within.

Even more excitingly, the luxurious colours of Malawi Garnet are completely natural, making it a stunning addition to any gem collection.

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