Introducing: Baiyang Colour Change Fluorite

| 2 min read

Here at Gemporia, we have built up great relationships in China in recent years, especially in regards to sourcing Fluorite. Over the last couple of years we have sourced top grade Colour Change varieties where the colour fluctuates between pastel blue to a much deeper blue with undertones of red.

However we recently sourced a new deposit of Fluorite that has challenged everything we have ever understood to be possible with this material. In the Hebei province, which is situated on the North East coast of China, miners have discovered a small pocket that has a colour change that surpasses anything we have ever experienced in the gemstone world before. The locals explained this stone to us was with a metaphor – they said that this stone possesses the changing seasons of Lake Baiyang itself. We didn’t understand what our Chinese friends were trying to tell us until they sent us pictures. Lake Baiyang plays host to an abundance of lotus flowers, in the winter they lay dormant beneath the calm blue surface of the lake, but as spring arrives that same blue surface turns red with the emergence of the lotus flower. The striking colour change witnessed in this Baiyang Fluorite turns from a mesmerising deep blue colour to an electric magenta with intense flashes of pink under different light sources.

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