Welcome to Around the Board 2021 here at Gemporia. To earn your Explorer badge, all you have to do is collect any five out of the seven gemstones featured on this page. There are some stunning choices included. From the sheer collectability of gorgeous Polki Diamonds to John Saul Ruby’s Kenyan pedigree, and the unique shapes of Baroque Pearls, our gem explorers have scoured the globe searching for these rare treats. On their travels, they found the textbook purples of regal Moroccan Amethyst, the deep dark blues of Indian Bharat Sapphire and the indescribable hue shift present in Colour Change Fluorite. We can only imagine what the first explorer to discover Malawi Garnet thought when they first caught sight of the unique claret hues and rose pink flashes of this stunning jewel. Which five of these would you like most?

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