Founded in 2012

The Colourful Life Foundation helps support communities predominantly in Africa and India and is currently looking at the feasibility for some UK projects. Helping provide education, supplies and basic necessities for those in developing communities, our foundation helps 1000’s of people, many of them children, every year.

Helping Communities

From helping to build and maintain schools in Africa and India to providing oxygen tanks for Covid-19 and empowering the women in our cutting houses in India, CLF creates hope and opportunity for those in less privileged areas.

Our mission


Our mission is to provide safe and proper education for children, which is vital for their growth and bright futures. We also continue empowering women from disadvantaged communities who work in our cutting house... them their own income, which assists with financial stability and teaches them the importance of independence. We aim to provide as much support as possible within developing societies, be that helping to build schools or providing health care - CLF does good through jewellery that feels good.


CLF & Gemporia - Our Projects

Since 2019, we have helped Ace Africa train 30 teachers in Early Childhood Development (ECD), and seven ECD classrooms were renovated and provided with furniture and learning materials. This has enabled 587 children under five to access quality ECD education and lunch at school. In all, 618 (366 female, 252 male) parents and community members were reached with ECD awareness during eight outreach events. They learnt about the importance of ECD education, learning materials and food for pre-school children’s growth and development.

Jagriti is currently supporting a total of 17 schools: 14 schools in Jaipur and three in Ajmer, with as many as 4,228 underprivileged children. These children are getting value-based education absolutely free of charge. Out of the 14 schools in Jaipur, two have just recently been adopted.

Out of the total of 17 schools adopted by Jagriti, two schools are wholly looked after by Jagriti as

their own schools by bearing all the expenses, while the others are Government schools in which Jagriti provides infrastructural support such as teaching, other support staff, uniforms, meals and stationery to students.

Through these programmes, we have also trained over x women, who have received direct support from our team in Jaipur, India, as well as medical support and basic education, which is all funded by CLF.

With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, our team of 114 in Jaipur have all been provided with Vitamin D and C supplements and full salaries should they suffer from the disease. CLF has also donated oxygen tanks to underprivileged hospitals and will continue to provide meals within the local community.

How you can help

By purchasing Gemporia jewellery, you are directly helping these developing communities. To assist further, we wanted to bring you two new and exclusive pieces of jewellery which celebrate the work of the Colourful Life Foundation.

For every piece you purchase, 10% of profits will go directly to the Jagriti school project in Jaipur. These pieces will not only become part of your story for years to come, but they already come with their own wonderful tale, and that is something beautiful.

Empower the women of India

In 2014, Gemporia opened a gem cutting school in Jaipur to train local women to cut our gemstones, including the stunning Serenite. They are now well on their way to being some of the best gemstone cutters in Jaipur. We are incredibly fortunate to work with such dedicated and talented women. Paying attention to every detail, you can see the precision in the finish of each piece, and we are lucky to bring you jewellery that has such a wonderful story behind it. Not only this, but the only reason it all happens to begin with is because of you.

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