Carbon Neutral

Businesses account for more than 85% of the UK’s total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, also known as our ‘Carbon Footprint’. As a result, corporate action is the main priority in helping to prevent climate change - which is why we are proud to be a Carbon Neutral Business as of October 2021. Here at Gemporia, we are committed to doing our part for the environment, and have worked hard to achieve Carbon Neutral status. By working closely with Carbon Neutral Britain, we have been able to reduce and offset our emissions into various projects that will move us towards a more sustainable world.

Carbon Neutral Britain

Carbon Neutral Britain is the UK’s leading Carbon Offsetting Initiative, and aids businesses and organisations in reducing their carbon footprint in order to tackle climate change. To help UK corporations identify their areas of improvement, Carbon Neutral Britain conducts Carbon Emissions Reports which reveal the company’s total carbon footprint, and highlight the parts of the business that contribute to their overall emissions. We engaged with Carbon Neutral Britain in July 2021, to calculate our total carbon footprint in order to offset these emissions and become Carbon Neutral. As a result, Gemporia is now a proud Carbon Neutral Business.

What is Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral refers to the state of net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In order to achieve carbon neutrality, emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere must be balanced with or less than the amount being removed. Or, the levels of carbon dioxide must simply be removed altogether. UK businesses make up a large percentage of our carbon footprint and, as a large corporation ourselves, we at Gemporia have worked to reverse our environmental impact by adopting more sustainable working methods and offsetting our carbon emissions. With the help of Carbon Neutral Britain, we have achieved Carbon Neutral status and are channeling our emissions into various global projects that work to preserve the environment.

Carbon Offsetting projects

With the assistance of Carbon Neutral Britain, we have been able to offset our total carbon emissions through various carbon offsetting projects. These projects are internationally certified, and have been selected based on the impact they have around the world, such as supporting education, employment, clean water and the local wildlife and ecology. Through offsetting our carbon emissions, we are helping to provide hydroelectric power in the Amazon Rainforest and wind farms in the Philippines. We are also aiding reforestation in Costa Rica, as well as woodland management in Yorkshire.

What this means for us

At Gemporia, we pride ourselves in providing ethically sourced gemstones, and are extremely proud to say that our UK operations have achieved Carbon Neutral status. As we specialise in jewellery and craft products, our Carbon Emissions Report identified that our main emissions occurred from energy consumption in the delivery of products from international suppliers. As a result, we made it our mission to tackle this issue and ensure a permanent reduction in our carbon footprint. Therefore, when your order arrives, you will not only receive gemstones that have been sourced in an ethical, environmentally friendly manner, but the process of fulfilling your entire order is 100% Carbon Neutral too.

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