Burmese Ruby

Burmese Ruby is one of the brightest and most alluring Rubies ever discovered; the vivid and vibrant colour is unmatched by any other Ruby variation. Burmese Ruby has become one of the most sought-after Rubies and after five centuries of mining has become inaccessible. For a limited time, you can get your hands on this stunning gemstone in a variety of jewellery designs at amazing prices.

Why Is Burmese Ruby So Special?

One of the Most Inaccessible Gemstones

Mogok in Burma is known as one of the most challenging areas to access. Luckily we were given a once in a lifetime chance to enter this elusive and spectacular mine. We were able to secure a package of Burmese Ruby, an opportunity we may never get again.

Colour Over Clarity

Another reason why Burmese Ruby is simply incredible is it's unbelievable colour. When it comes to Rubies from Burma, the colour is more important than clarity. The visibility of silk-like inclusions makes the gem distinguishable and unique.

Nothing Else Like It On Earth

Rubies of this calibre exist nowhere else on earth, and can only be sourced from this one location. The mine has now been flooded to keep the gemstones safe.


Burmese Ruby & Zircon Gold Ring

Burmese Ruby & Zircon Gold Ring

This ring features four dazzling Rubies from Burma accompanied by ten small zircon stones which have been beautifully set onto nine karat gold.

Ruby Ring

This beautiful solitaire ring displays a 1/2 carat Burmese Ruby, set into nine karat yellow gold. A simple yet timeless design that is ideal to wear for any occasion.

Burmese Ruby Gold Earrings

Burmese Ruby Gold Earrings

A stunning pair of delicate Burmese Ruby stud earrings held beautifully with nine karat yellow gold, highlighting the vibrant red colour of this incredible gem.

Burmese Ruby & White Zircon Ring

Burmese Ruby & White Zircon Ring

This delicate and unique ring design is perfect for showcasing Burmese Rubies magnificent beauty, complemented with White Zircon and yellow gold.

Why Choose Burmese Ruby?

A Chance You Shouldn't Miss

We have been fortunate enough to get our hands on this gem, but Burmese Ruby is in short supply due to there being no mining activity. Don't miss this chance to add it to your jewellery collection.

It's Extremely Rare

You've probably realised that this variation of Ruby is incredibly rare, and something that will only ever get harder and harder to source. This is a tremendously rare opportunity to own a piece while you still can.

A Provenance To Be Proud Of

Burmese Rubies remain the benchmark against which all other Rubies are measured. For us to be able to bring these affordable opportunities to you has taken years to achieve and may take many more years to repeat.