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By Gemporia

The most famous green gemstone in the world, it holds an allure that has captivated people for thousands of years and consistently inspires generation after generation of high end designers.



A gemstone that has long been associated with the lushest of landscapes; Ireland became the emerald isle and Seattle was named the Emerald city.

The stone has possibly the richest history; Pliny the elder was mesmerised by this crystal as were the Incas who had been using it in their jewellery for 500 years before trading with the Sixteenth-century explorers in order to obtain precious metals.

The first known mines were in Egypt, dating back to at least 330 BC, Cleopatra was said to be hypnotised with this gemstones unique charm and so adorned herself in the finest emeralds.

Victoria FallsZambia


We travel the world in search of the finest emeralds from Columbia, Brazil and Zambia and each of these valuable communities attach significance and meaning to their green treasure.

Legends state that emerald was one of the four precious stones given by God to to King Solomon.

A Zambian man once told how wearing an emerald was believed to reveal the truth or falseness of a lovers oath and also served to make one an eloquent speaker.

In Columbia they say that the emerald allows the wearer the ability to foresee the future as well as to reveal truth and protect against evil.

Its colour represents new spring growth which also makes it the perfect choice of birthstone for the month of May.

"Of all the gemstones to collect and revere, there is something truly captivating in each and every Emerald. They have such a unique fingerprint, each one feels like it has its own personality. There is truly an Emerald for everyone."


The most endearing characteristic of the Emerald is that each stone has its own personality; each and every Emerald pulled from the earth is undeniably unique. An emerald is one of the few gemstones where Inclusions or Imperfections are not only welcomed but often serve as part of the crystals beauty. An emeralds colour is also an important factor, an Emerald must have a perfectly balanced tone of green; not too light or too dark or it risks falling into the category of green beryl.

At Gemporia we only source the finest Emeralds; they must showcase the textbook Emerald body colour and the perfect balance of clarity with these unique characteristics suspended within the stone to make each Emerald a complete one of a kind.



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