Welcome to Around the Board 2021 here at Gemporia. To earn your Discoverer badge, all you have to do is collect any five out of the seven gemstones featured on this page. We’ve picked some real rarities and genuinely stunning stones to create this tier of our board game. Prasiolite is the soft pastel green variety of Quartz, sometimes sold as Green Amethyst, and is a gemstone very few jewellery discoverers have yet come across. We have a girl’s best friend too, of course; Diamonds. You can also discover Kaori Pearls, beautiful Sapphires and the delicate springtime hue of Serenite. What journey of gemstone discovery would be complete without the magical play of light seen in Labradorite, and a trip to the gemstone island of Madagascar to discover Malagasy Ruby in all its ravishing red glory.

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