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By Gemporia

A gemstone from one remote mine, A gemstone with a distinctive unparalleled colour change and a gemstone that is 10,000 times rarer than any Diamond – Csarite



Csarite was first discovered in the mid 1980s, however earlier discoveries of Diaspore were attributed to the ural mountains of Russia in 1801. There are strict qualifying factors before Diaspore is awarded the name Csarite; the most important of which is that it must hail from one small mine in the Anatolian Mountains.

Anatolian MountainsTurkey


Csarite is an ultra-rare gemstone with a gem quality yield of less than 3% and as a result is pulled from the earth using hand tools to preserve as much of the Crystal as possible.

This gemstone is believed to be able to assist in the development of physic power, astral force, ambition, intellect, desire and emotions based on touch.

"Csarite has come to epitomise the variety offered by coloured gemstones in one crystal; Colour Change properties, Absolute rarity, Completely Natural and Unquestionably Unique"


Csarite exhibits the ultimate wish list for any gemstone connoisseur or high end jewellery designer due to its chemical composition and strict qualifying criteria at the source. It has to be eye clean, it has to showcase the miraculous colour change and it has to be natural. Csarite is also pleochroic which means that it presents different colours from different angles and it offers the same dispersion and brilliance that you would expect from a Diamond.

The colour pallete that is on display within this stone is captivating; a kiwi green to a raspberry purplish pink depending on the light source. However the kaleidoscope of colours that ricochet of each facet can encompass cognac pinks, khaki greens, pink champagne hues and canary flashes.



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