Welcome to Around the Board 2021 here at Gemporia. To earn your Connoisseur badge, all you have to do is collect any five out of the seven gemstones featured on this page. We’re in real worlds-class gemstone territory here, starting with the single-source splendour of Tanzanite, possibly the finest indigo blue jewel on the planet. Argyle and Canadian Diamonds are also only found in a single mine in their homelands, with Australia’s Argyle mine now closed forever. Whilst in Australia we also bring their finest connoisseurs Sapphire to your collection. The sparkling southern oceans give us the sheer luxury of Tahitian and South Sea Pearls, while Bharat Star Ruby from India displays the most incredible asterism. Completing this tier of pure decadence are the magical, mystical hues of Montezuma Blue Quartz and the unrivalled warm glow of Oregon Sunstone. Perfection.

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