Argyle Diamond Jewellery

As deposits diminish, we are extremely fortunate to bring you the finest and limited Argyle Diamonds. After 37 years of providing us with gorgeous Argyle Diamonds, Rio Tinto closes the mine that has bought us pieces to cherish and love. As we said goodbye to the world-famous Argyle mine last month, The New York Times released an international article that read 'Shopping for a Diamond is about to change', confirming Argyle standards of Diamonds are no more! We are very lucky to have a small collection of flawless and exceptional legacy pieces, and for the first time ever, we have curated 8 stunning designs set into 18k Gold that are only available online. We would not want you to miss this incredible opportunity. So the questions remain - will you own a limited piece that you won’t find again and be one of the few to tell all about your historical piece in years to come?