Ruby Rings

A ruby ring is the epitome of romance. Luxurious and opulent, ruby rings have been highly regarded as a status symbol throughout history. The fiery red tones of ruby are instantly recognisable and make a striking impression.

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Revered by many cultures as symbols of good fortune, they appear in many shades of red, from dark blackish red to pale, almost translucent pink. The most desirable, and therefore valuable ruby occurs in a vibrant deep red. This red shade is commonly referred to as being like 'pigeons blood', which is at odds with the glamour and luxury normally associated with the stone. It is their smouldering colour alongside their captivating beauty that makes ruby engagement rings a hugely popular choice for those looking for a coloured stone. Especially when complemented with sparkling diamonds.

Ruby is July’s birthstone, making it the perfect gift for those lucky enough to have a July birthday. Whether it be a timeless ruby solitaire ring or a more ornate cluster ring style. It is a classic stone that is universally adored thanks to its rich history and its use in many iconic pieces of jewellery. The reputation of the covetable ruby has only grown over time. It has historically been known as ‘Ratnaraj’ which stands for ‘the king of precious gems’. Love and passion are synonymous with this precious stone. Though it holds many other positive qualities. With its likeness in colour to blood, it has been said to improve the circulatory system and prevent inflammatory diseases. As well as taking care of matter of the heart, such as the prevention of sadness and loneliness.

At Gemporia, we recognise the uniqueness of each individual stone and set them accordingly to make the most of their natural beauty. Our ruby rings range in style from classic, intricate designs in yellow gold to contemporary, geometric styles in sterling silver. Over 95% of rubies on the market today have been heat treated to enhance their natural beauty. Large, natural rubies of good colour and clarity can demand a higher price per carat than even the most flawless diamond. With a little extra special care, your ruby jewellery will hold its allure for years to come. As with all Gemporia jewellery, all of our rubies are ethically sourced and set in hallmarked silver, white, rose or yellow gold. Similarly to all of our gemstone jewellery, our ruby rings are supplied with a certificate of authenticity for added peace of mind.

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