Timeless appeal and enchanting design defines the Lorique Collection. With magnificent gemstone centerpieces, surrounded by clusters of dazzling diamonds, this is show stopping gemstone jewellery at its finest.

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This luxurious collection features outstanding large cut gemstones, set in both statement cocktail ring and eye-catching pendant designs. Beautifully crafted, this collection is a celebration of only the finest precious stones and draw influence from antique-inspired design. Intricate detailing is what makes the Lorique Collection so sumptuous; each piece is also wonderfully simple, ensuring that it is gemstone jewellery that is both elegant and timeless. Set in both yellow gold and white gold, this collection is a lavish example of the beauty of natural gemstones that have been expertly crafted to create something truly special.

This alluring range is a showcase of gems and it features gorgeous precious stones, ranging from green tourmaline and blue zircon to aquamarine and Australian Opal. Delicately cut, the light reflected from each gemstone is a sparkling kaleidoscope of glorious colour. Our Mawai kunzite is something magnificent to behold, with shimmering pinks and purples that create gemstone jewellery that cannot be rivaled. Unless perhaps by our equally dazzling imperial topaz, a striking golden yellow precious stone ethically sourced from Brazil. Our range of tourmaline colours is also a wonderful celebration of natural beauty, ranging from a glorious emerald to a rich olive hue. These are just a few of the incomparable precious stones that are featured in this collection, each one as sparkling and breathtaking as the next.

These exceptional gemstone rings and pendants in the Lorique Collection are designed using vintage and antique influences, however the modern simplicity in their craftsmanship ensures that they are at the cutting edge of style. Elegant detailing creates a sense of opulence, whilst complimenting and showcasing the real start of the show – the gemstone. Whether given as a wonderfully special gift for a loved one or simply as a delight for your own jewellery box, this gemstone jewellery is both luxurious and truly exquisite. Discover the Lorique Collection today and uncover the beautiful fusion of gold, diamonds and precious stones – a truly sumptuous example of stunning design and natural phenomenon.

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