Uncovered from deep underground, our exotic Brazillian and Colombian emeralds are amongst the most beautiful gemstones on the planet. Displaying a vivid green color which has to be seen to be believed, it’s no secret what makes emerald one of the most revered gemstones in the world. Explore our range of expertly crafted emerald jewelry today, and experience the enchantment of this magical stone for yourself.

Originally sourced from the Egyptian Red Sea around 4000 years ago, the Emerald carries with it a sense of history. It is recorded that the Roman emperor, Nero used a pair of flat Emerald crystals to watch the gladiator games- the first known use of a pair of sunglasses. Now, Emerald is recognised as the chosen gem to celebrate a twentieth wedding anniversary, cementing its links with romance and sustainability.
Emerald rings in particular have become an enduring symbol of love and are worn with great revelry and affection. Emerald rings are also worn by some to bring harmony to aspects of their life while others believe they symbolise immortality and faith. The green hues of emerald compliment gold settings particularly well and due to its opulent colour the Emerald gem is a stand-out choice for a statement Emerald ring. At Gemporia, our Emerald rings encompass a range of hues, saturation and tones. Co-ordinate with Emerald and topaz necklace and bracelet styles to complete your entire Emerald look.
In terms of origins, rough cut Emeralds are sourced from a few locations around the world. India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia and Egypt are all known sources although perhaps the world’s finest Emeralds come from Columbia, their superlative color and clarity making them stand out. Emerald is comprised primarily of beryl and takes its rich green color from chromium. The primary green color and degree of transparency are indicators of highly regarded Emerald gems. Because Emerald is a rather delicate gemstone, resins are commonly used in jewelry to fill in cracks and most Emeralds will undergo a degree of heat treatment to enhance their appearance and highlight their rich green colors.

Emerald rings should be worn with care as the brittle nature of the gemstone means it can crack if not looked after properly, rings being the item of jewelry likely to undergo the most wear and tear because of their position on the hand. However, a little care and attention is usually all it takes to keep them looking their best- clean Emerald rings carefully and do not use an ultra sonic cleaner. As with all of our jewelry, our Emerald rings are supplied with an authenticity certificate for your complete peace of mind.

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