Emma Dyson

Earliest Gemporia US memory: Walking into the building for my first shift, meeting lots of fun, friendly, crazy young people and thinking to myself “I think i’m going to fit in well here”. So many of you comment about how we are like a big family and it’s so true. Lots of the team are married to each other, many of us hang out together outside of work and several others live together. We all like to have a giggle, no one takes themselves too seriously and we all genuinely care about the business and the company we work for. It all starts from the top though. I don’t know many CEO’s that have an open door policy like Steve Bennett. Favourite Gemstone: I have so many but my favorite 3 are Alexandrite because of the rarity and the natural color-change phenomenon, Tanzanite for its seductive color and Ammolite because it is simply a miracle of nature and there are no other gemstones like it. Favourite piece of jewellery: My inside out diamond hoops in white gold that I bought in Cabo. I wear them all the time. I also adore stacking my silver John Hardy bracelets. He’s my all-time favorite jewellery designer and I’ve collected many of his pieces. Style Icons: As a bit of a rock chick, I love the edgy look of Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Kate Moss and Rihanna. The hippy in me loves the Olsen Twins floaty, bohemian style. Favourite Place in the world: Bora Bora, Fiji and Mexico are all amazing but Key West, Florida may actually be my favorite place on earth. The incredible drive down, the sunsets, people watching, amazing food, live music... I will never get tired of that place. Guilty Pleasure(s): Food and wine. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes and shoes but I do like to splash out on fine wines and delicious food. I adore cooking and have a serious obsession with cheese. There are always at least 10 types in my fridge. Cheese, wine and something silly like Monty Python = Perfect night in for Emma. Any nicknames you go by: Most of my friends call me Dyse although some call me hoover or hippy. There a few other names I’ve been called too, but not sure I can mention them here. Haha! Favourite concert you’ve been to: This is tough because I used to go to concerts every other week. I don’t think I can choose just one favourite. I’m a massive 60’s/70’s classic rock fan. David Bowie, Page and Plant from Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones and Roger Waters from Pink Floyd were all incredible, I’d give anything to see Pink Floyd reunite as they are one of my all-time favourite bands. Two years ago I got tickets to see Earth, Wind and Fire at the famous Austin City Limits which was definitely memorable, but the best concerts were when I was in my teens. Green Day, The Offspring, Metallica and Terrorvision were all amazing, I only wish I’d had a chance to see Nirvana too. Ultimate dinner party guest: Jim Morrison, David Attenborough and Anthony Bourdain. Music, nature, food and travel are my favourite things to talk about, plus I can’t think of anything better than sitting opposite a young Jim Morrison :-) Can’t leave home without: Not a lot really. I’m not one of these girls that has to be made up all the time and I’m not glued to my cell phone like many people these days. Most of the time I don’t even carry a handbag, but I do love photography and beauty in nature so I usually have my camera in my pocket to capture those special moments. Style rules: Be careful wearing big dangly earrings with a big neckpiece, as this can sometimes be overpowering. Other than that, there are no rules. Don’t be manipulated by what people tell you you should wear. Wear what you love and what you feel good in. You will often see me wearing my white ceramic watch after Labour Day regardless of what people say!
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