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The first discovery of the metal titanium was  in  1791  in  Cornwall  by  an  amateur  geologist  named  William  Gregor.  At  the  time  of  the  discovery William was actually a vicar of the  parish church. 

In the 1950’s the Soviet Union pioneered the use  of titanium in building structures for submarines.  Due to the strength and lightness of the metal,  it has been used since that time in high-speed  military jets and is a major metal in spacecrafts  and missiles. 

The  famous T-1  fountain  pen  by  Parker  used  titanium for its tips, but they stopped the process  in 1972 due to the increased cost of the metal.  The pen has become so famous that it is now a  collector’s piece.

Because it is light, strong, lustrous and corrosion  resistant,  the  metal  is  becoming  very  popular  in  jewellery,  especially  in  ranges  for  men.  In  America,  it  is  becoming  very  popular  as  a  wedding band for both the husband and wife.  Take a look at the Mattom Range of Titanium  Gent’s Jewellery.

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