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Tomas Rae

This exciting  new  jewellery  brand  delights  its  owners  by  setting  diamonds  and  coloured  gemstones   in   refreshing   designs   made  exclusively for the European market. 

Within days of its launch in Spring 2009, Tomas  Rae jeweller was featured on popular TV shows  and female fashion magazines in the UK.

From the vibrant blues of our AAA Tanzanite, to our incredibly popular 1ct Diamond rings; from the luxuruous 1ct Solid Rose Gold Diamond bangle to the exquistely cut Morganite, Diamond encrusted Ring, Tomas Rae designs have the ability to arouse a  feeling of luxury and a pride of ownership.

What’s more, just as with Lorique, I personally  take  responsibility  for  all  of  the  coloured  gemstones that are used in Tomas Rae designs.  I personally guarantee that very single gem is of  an incredibly high standard and is what I regard  as best in class.

Tomas Rae, for very special pieces of jewellery,  made  of  the  finest  materials,  at  a  price  that  always represents great value for money.

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A dazzling 1ct Diamond Rose Gold Bangle from Tomas Rae.