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Mali Garnet Gemstone

Not to be confused with Malaia Garnet, Mali Garnet  is  a  rare  crossbreed  of Andradite  and  Grossular  Garnet.  It  is  an  even  more  recent discovery  than  Malaia  Garnet  and  was  first discovered in December 1994 in Mali (still the  only known source).

Some  in  the  gem  world  thought  it  should  be named Grandite, taking the “gr” from Grossular  and the “andite” from Andradite, but, let’s face it that’s not a pretty name at all for this gem!

Whilst other members of the Grossular family are  typically  colourless,  white,  yellow,  violet,  red  or  orange,  Mali  Garnet’s  appearance  is a  very  striking  light,  greenish  yellow  colour  and  features  wonderful  dispersion  and  lots  of brilliance.

Mali  Garnet  has  rapidly  become  a  favourite  amongst gem collectors and prices of over $500  per carat are not uncommon.

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