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By Gemporia

Unrivalled brilliance. Striking sparkle. The world’s most prized gemstone is now embracing colour.



We strive to bring you the finest fancy coloured Diamonds from all over the world. Unlike some of our competitors, we offer full disclosure, so when choosing your Diamond you will always know whether or not it has been enhanced to bring out the Diamond’s full potential.

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You may have always thought of Diamonds as a colourless gem, but a rainbow of beautiful colours is possible. In fact, laboratories use a list of 27 different colour variations to describe a Diamond’s colour. These colours are all caused by different things – from different impurities in the gem to distortion in the gem’s crystal lattice. Black Diamonds, on the other hand, are believed to have come from outer space! Coloured Diamonds are some of the most highly valued gemstones on earth and sparkle with a rainbow of vivid beauty.

Some of the most treasured Diamonds on the planet are coloured, including the most famous gem of all - the blue Hope Diamond. Popularity has grown for these Diamonds in recent years, thanks in part to Australia’s Argyle mine, which brought champagne and cognac Diamonds to the market. Today the demand for coloured Diamonds is increasing and Gemporia brings the full spectrum of these Diamonds at affordable price points.

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"Diamonds have been championed by huge marketing campaigns for well over 100 years, these campaigns only chose to see the world in black and white. Here at Gemporia we see the world in colour"


When judging the all-important characteristics of coloured Diamonds we still adhere to the 4 Cs: Cut, Carat weight, Colour and Clarity. However, when assessing fancy coloured Diamonds the colour becomes the defining factor. The slightest colour differences can impact the value of a coloured Diamond significantly. The most valuable hues are pink, red, blue and green.


coloured diamonds

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