Csarite® Collection

Our beautiful Csarite® Collection is brimming with the very best selection of enchanting jewellery. Carefully cut and set into stunning designs, our range of Csarite® rings and earrings are made to last, and to treasure forever.

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Many people may be unfamiliar with the alluring beauty and fantastic quality of the Csarite gemstone; but it is a stone that once seen, enamours people for a lifetime. The incredibly rare stone, which is a variety of the mineral diaspore, is found only in the distant foothills of the Turkish Anatolian mountains. It is excavated at 3,000 feet, and this air of exoticism can still be felt in the finished pieces of Csarite® jewellery. Characterised by its pale green colour and striking clarity, Csarite® is a captivating gemstone that is instantly recognisable. Because of its pale colourings, it is a versatile stone that looks stunning with whichever precious metal it is paired with.

Silver, gold and white gold all complement it beautifully, creating a very elegant final effect. All of these metals feature in our diverse collection of Csarite® rings and earrings, so whatever your personal preferences are, you will find the perfect piece for you. Women who love sparkle will be delighted to find diamonds set alongside the gems in much of our Csarite® jewellery. The glimmering diamonds add to the glamour of the pieces, and help to showcase the precious stone even more. Within our range, there is an extensive choice of styles. From single Csarite® stones placed in delicate gold bands to the more extravagant, stone-heavy Csarite® earrings, there are so many ways in which this eye-catching stone can be displayed.

As well as designing our collection to suit all tastes, we can also offer something beautiful whatever your price range. Our affordable rings and earrings make the perfect treat for oneself, while our more luxurious items are ideal for more special occasions or a truly mesmerising gift. Whatever the price, all of our Csarite® jewellery holds the same exotic charm and beguiling beauty that sets it apart as one of the most desirable gemstones in the world. Introduce yourself to this mesmerising stone today, and browse our full Csarite® Collection.

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