Cocktail Rings

Stylish, bold and beautiful, what better way is there to feel stunning than to adorn your fingers with an opulent cocktail ring? Statement cocktail rings are the perfect way to add glamour to any outfit, whether you are looking to accessorise a party outfit or a romantic meal.

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The bold declaration made every time you wear statement cocktail ring ensures that you will ooze confidence and beauty with minimal effort. Fall in love with our impressive collection of stunning cocktail rings, decorated with beautiful genuine gemstones and crafted with precious metals. Whatever the style you want to achieve, there are a whole range of ways to wear cocktail rings and there is no doubt that our gemstone cocktail rings add a little extra vibrancy to any look, whether you are celebrating a special occasion or looking to add sparkle to your daywear. Due to their natural and exquisite design, both our silver cocktail rings and gold cocktail rings are easy to pair with any type of outfit.

The charm of an exquisite amethyst stone set into a gold or silver band is perfect for adding a splash of colour to a casual outfit. If you are looking to add a touch of glamour to your eveningwear, our unusual white, black and brown diamond cocktail rings make for an intense sparkle that will glitter every time you move. Whether you are looking to create an understated style or you would prefer to make a style statement with a splash of colour, the glittering sparkles and bright hues featured in our cocktail rings here at Gemporia are perfect all of your style needs.

The seductive allure of our gemstone cocktail rings will ensure that you find the perfect piece in our extensive selection. Mesmerising and characterised by beautiful design, our precious stones showcase the very best of what Mother Nature has to offer. Sourced from across the globe, all of our gemstones are certified by a gemologist and come with a certificate of authenticity for peace of mind. We also work hard to ensure that the communities from which our gemstones are sourced are supported, meaning that our precious stones are not just beautiful but socially conscious too. Discover our selection of gemstone cocktail rings, featuring precious stones that are naturally formed with hues ranging from rich reds, plush pinks, gorgeous greens, brilliant blues and dazzling diamonds.

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