Alexandria Hayden

Qualifications: AJP Accredited Jewellery Professional, studying with the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Earliest Lounge memory: My Earliest Gemporia memory actually dates back to before I joined the company! I graduated from university and really wanted a job in my area of study (Television). I didn't know about Gemporia at this time but as much of my time after leaving Uni was spent looking for work I soon came across Gemporia. I did my research and learned that they were the first shopping channel solely devoted to selling jewellery in the UK. The more I watched and learned about GEMS the more I wanted to work for them! I basically searched for positions going within the company and applied as soon as I could once vacancies in both producing and presenting opened up. I applied for both positions and landed the role in producing. I was so chuffed! Favourite Gemstone: I have many! But joint first would be Tanzanite, Ruby, Morganite and Diamonds... I love them all equally! Favourite piece of jewellery: I have one but I'll talk about it later ;-) Style Icons: My Mother... I don't really follow fashion, even when I was a personal shopper I thrived on being individual and unique. My Mom however used to be called 'Fashion Plate' when I was younger because she's so stylish. Favourite Place in the world: My grandparents’ houses. They signify home to me and I feel immense comfort around both sets of my grandparents. I have the best memories with my Grandma Wil and Grandpa Bill and my Grandma Berta and Grandpa Joe. Guilty Pleasure(s): Ice (yes to chew, bad habit), Chocolate, The Sims 3 (my favourite computer simulation game... I can spend hours on it) and Sleep (duvet days are the best). Any nicknames you go by: Ally, Ally-o (My Mom, Dad and Grandma Wil gave me this name), Turtle and Mrs. Favourite concert you’ve been to: Beyonce, she's the ultimate performer and truly amazes me as a career women and a performer. Ultimate dinner party guest: Idris Elba. I really love his work as an actor. I think he's so talented and handsome too :-) Can’t leave home without: My iPhone, hand sanitizer and Carmex. Style rules: I don't have any... I just think it's important to express yourself and have your own personal style.
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